Xena Warrior Princess


10 Episodes That Every Sci-Fi Show* Must Have

at 03:36pm November 13 2012

* That lasts long enough. Jayne Nelson examines the thin line between cliché and art form

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The 10 Most Controversial Series Finales

at 02:41pm April 26 2012

The series-ending instalments that had viewers raging

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Top 200 Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi

at 06:30pm March 27 2012

That’s 100 women and 100 men, though the sex of some artificial lifeforms may be debatable

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Best And Worst Greek Myths On Screen

at 12:18pm February 1 2012

With Wrath Of The Titans shortly to be unleashed in cinemas, Jayne Nelson takes a look at some of the best – and worst – examples of Greek mythology to hit both small and big screens…

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Sci-Fi Body Swap Shop

at 07:50am December 12 2011

You know how sometimes you just don’t feel yourself? It happens a lot in sci-fi

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Stargate Window of opportunity thumb

Top 12 Groundhog Days

at 01:05pm August 15 2011

It’s all just a little bit of history repeating in our rundown of the best never-ending days on TV and film

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SF’s Serial Guest Stars thumbnail image

SF’s Serial Guest Stars

at 04:24pm June 2 2011

The Top 10 telefantasy actors we love to see putting in a special appearance, by our special guest star Jayne Nelson

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10 Ways To End A Show thumbnail image

10 Ways To End A Show

at 10:31am May 9 2011

With Smallville ending this Friday after 10 years, Jayne Nelson looks at the ways some other shows have called it a day

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Top 35 SF & Fantasy Christmas Episodes thumbnail image

Top 35 SF & Fantasy Christmas Episodes

at 05:26pm December 22 2010

We asked you to vote for your favourite tinsel-tinged instalments of small screen sci-fi & fantasy, and here are the (occasionally surprising) results. Words by Dave Golder, Jayne Nelson, Rob Power, Will Salmon, Jordan Farley and David Bradley

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Vote For Your Favourite Christmas Episodes! thumbnail image

Vote For Your Favourite Christmas Episodes!

at 11:30am November 30 2010

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, the festive period is nearly upon us again. So tell us which were your five fave examples of yulteide sci-fi TV

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SCRIPTEASE: Xena thumbnail image


at 12:14pm August 25 2010

The Reduced SFX Company presents season two of Xena Warrior Princess in bite-sized form

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SFX 200 Poll Results thumbnail image

SFX 200 Poll Results

at 10:02am August 18 2010

The results of all those Top 200 Characters polls we’ve been running to celebrate the 200th issue of SFX, out next week

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SFX Issue 189

at 08:41am December 25 2009

December 2009

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SFX Issue 62

at 05:39am March 25 2000

March 2000 SFX historical note: The mag gets its first (and last) agony uncle Ask Tor Johnson Fed up with Clare Rayner? Pissed off with Miriam Stoppard? Disillusioned with Nick Fisher? You ain’t tried Tor Johnson… We’re honoured to be able to have an extra-special celebrity agony uncle this month – Tor Johnson. His performances in Ed Wood’s lofty oeuvre marked him as a performer of rare grace, poise and…

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