World Of Warcraft


Warcraft Movie Wishlist

at 12:29pm February 4 2013

The Top 10 things we want to see from Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie

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Moon Director Duncan Jones To Make Warcraft Movie

at 07:49am January 31 2013

The Horde and the Alliance take a step closer to big screen reality

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 03:38pm November 9 2012

Avengers hedgehogs, the ultimate cosplay costume, balloon-based Tolkien, some familiar chocolate and loads more stuff and nonsense

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Friday Link-A-Mania

at 09:08am August 3 2012

The Wolverine, Merlin series 5, The Dark Tower, Guardians Of The Galaxy and more

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21 Essential Sci-Fi And Fantasy Videogames

at 08:00am March 23 2012

Prepare for gaming nostalgia! Here’s our list of the SFXiest computer and console games from back in the day [updated]

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 02:51pm October 7 2011

Highlander remake, Amy Pond’s psyche, stupid head gear, Jurassic Park lyrics and a whole load more

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Spurious Awards thumbnail image

Spurious Awards

at 12:47pm April 15 2011

Doctor Who silly accents, spoons, origami AT-ATs and loads more sci-fi weirdness

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Tweets Of The Holiday Season thumbnail image

Tweets Of The Holiday Season

at 03:22pm December 30 2010

A feast of festive tweets including a haunting in the Who family and a Spaced reunion

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