Transformers 4 Will Feature New Robots So Hasbro Can Sell More Toys

at 07:34am September 13 2012

Proposed release date set for 2014

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Transformers FOC Optimus and Metroplex thumb

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Peter Cullen Interview

at 07:23pm August 28 2012

We speak to the voice of Optimus Prime about robots in disguise

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10 Anime That Influenced Hollywood

at 10:58am July 19 2012

From cute furry things to kick-ass fighting styles, anime may have had more influence on Hollywood films than you realise

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy’s Greatest Sound FX

at 12:01am July 1 2012

FROM THE SFX ARCHIVES Creak, groans, whistles, whispers and zings – 10 iconic SF and fantasy sound effects, chosen by Jayne Nelson

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Transformers 4 Will Be Different, But Not A Reboot, And Cheaper Says Michael Bay

at 07:59am June 22 2012

He may also be taking them into outer space

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Michael Bay Says Transformers 4 Will Be His Last

at 06:52pm June 6 2012

Please, dear lord, don’t let him be just be joking with us to get our hopes up

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THE LOST FUTURE -- Pictured: Sean Bean as Amal -- Photo by: Joe Albias/Syfy

The Week In Sci-Fi

at 10:47am April 16 2012

Strap yourselves in and prepare for the jump to another seven SF packed days

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BLOG Why Are Spaceships All So Grey These Days?

at 04:34pm March 2 2012

Steven Ellis wants the colour brought back into sci-fi

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 03:17pm February 24 2012

Judge Bod, James Bond, Hogwarts school fees, a medieval Dark Knight, Firefly reimagined, TARDIS glass and a while load more

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Tweets Of The Week

at 02:32pm February 21 2012

A Double Fine Twitter Adventure, a Firefly family pic and Samuel L Jackson gets a little too excited about Episode I 3D, all in this week’s tweets

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Michael Bay Confirms He’s Directing Transformers 4

at 07:51am February 14 2012

Oh goody

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Apes, Thrones And Hugo Win Visual FX Industry Awards

at 07:49am February 8 2012

The full winners of this year’s The 10th Visual Effects Society Awards held in Hollywood on Tuesday

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Spurious Awards Of The Year 2011

at 05:40pm December 28 2011

Doctor Who, Portal 2, Trek, Zombies and more Portal 2: Our pick of the best spurious winners from the past 12 months

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So Is Michael Bay Directing Transformers 4 Or Not?

at 08:13am December 7 2011

Vulture reckons he is, and allegedly Paramount’s bartering tactics include giving him the chance to direct a vanity project

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Transformers Dark Of The Moon Thumb

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Scott Farrar ILM Interview

at 03:29pm December 5 2011

We speak to ILM’s special effects whiz about bringing giant robots to life on the big screen, and how Michael Bay makes movies for his mum

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