Filmed In Supermarionation Interview

at 09:00am October 20 2014

PROMOTION Director Stephen La Rivière talks about his Gerry Anderson documentary

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FAB Gerry Anderson Infographic

at 05:18pm October 14 2014

See the strings that tied the Supermarionation shows together

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Filmed In Supermarionation REVIEW

at 12:00pm October 10 2014

FILM REVIEW Anything can happen in the next two hours

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HOT TOPIC Which Classic Kids TV Shows Would You Revive?

at 12:24pm July 4 2014

Thunderbirds, Danger Mouse and even Bananaman are set for comebacks. Which other TV from the past is due a revival?

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First Look At The New Thunderbird 1

at 11:28am June 19 2014


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Is This A First Look At The New Thunderbird 2?

at 12:10pm April 25 2014

New site “finds” what looks like an International Rescue hangar

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Supermarionation small

Supermarionation Documentary Releases This Autumn

at 03:00pm April 3 2014

Plus a couple of clips from the definitive Anderson doc

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Rosamund Pike To Voice New Lady Penelope

at 03:03pm September 30 2013

And David Graham will reprise his role as Parker as ITV reveal the cast of 2015′s Thunderbirds Are Go! series

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The Legacy Of Gerry Anderson Lives On

at 06:44am March 25 2013

Stand by for action! New Gerry Anderson shows are go!

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Thunderbirds Are Go! Again

at 02:16pm February 4 2013

ITV teaming up with WETA to create new version of Gerry Anderson’s most famous show

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A FAB Farewell To Gerry Anderson

at 11:44am January 17 2013

A wonderful video of the funeral of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson. RIP Gerry, and thanks for everything, you legend

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30 Great Sci-Fi Dream Sequences

at 03:17pm January 11 2013

From Buffy to Carrie via Thunderbirds – 30 of sci-fi and fantasy’s most memorable dreams…

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Those We Sadly Lost In 2012

at 12:01am December 31 2012

As the year end, time to remember the people who gave so much to our genre who are no longer with us

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Sci-Fi’s Greatest Flying Cars

at 06:00am November 17 2012

Forget practising your hill start in this lot…

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The SFX Factor: Vote For The Greatest SF & Fantasy TV Opening Titles Ever

at 03:43pm May 17 2012

Haunting theme tunes! Psychedelic graphics! Voice-overs! Basketball! What makes the best TV titles sequences ever?

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