The Walking Dead Season 3


The Walking Dead 3.16 “Welcome To The Tombs” REVIEW

at 07:40am April 8 2013

TV REVIEW The season finale

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The Walking Dead US Finale Watched By A Phenomenal 12.4 Million Viewers (NO SPOILERS)

at 08:13am April 2 2013

The big networks in the US will be envious of a cable channel like AMC getting figures like that…

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The Walking Dead 3.15 “This Sorrowful Life” REVIEW

at 10:57pm March 29 2013

TV REVIEW The Michonne and Merle show

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10 Spoiler-Free Teasers For The Walking Dead 3.15 “The Sorrowful Life”

at 11:29am March 23 2013

Will Salmon whets your appetites for the penultimate episode

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The Walking Dead 3.14 “Prey” REVIEW

at 11:13am March 23 2013

TV REVIEW The Walking Dead does a slasher movie

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The Walking Dead 3.13 “Arrow On The Doorpost” REVIEW

at 10:42am March 17 2013

TV REVIEW Jaw jaw, not war war. Well, for the moment at least

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The Walking Dead 3.11 “I Ain’t A Judas” REVIEW

at 11:41am February 25 2013

TV REVIEW How do we solve a problem like Andrea?

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The Walking Dead 3.10 “Home” REVIEW

at 07:52am February 18 2013

TV REVIEW Surprise delivery

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The Walking Dead 3.10 “Home” Spoiler-Free Teasers

at 06:42pm February 14 2013

Will Salmon goes into cryptic mode to whet you appetite for more zombie fun

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The Walking Dead Returns To US Screens With Record Viewing Figures

at 07:57am February 12 2013

The success story just keeps one growing

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The Walking Dead 3.09 “The Suicide King” REVIEW

at 08:14am February 11 2013


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The Walking Dead “The Suicide King” New Pictures

at 07:28pm February 5 2013

Some great images from the first episode of the second half of season three – MEDIUM SPOILER ALERT!

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The Walking Dead 3.09 “The Suicide King” Spoiler-Free Preview

at 11:28am February 5 2013

The second half of season three is nearly upon us

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The Walking Dead (Silly) Super Bowl Trailers

at 05:46am February 4 2013

Zombie clean-up

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David Morrissey Teases Surprises In Store For The Walking Dead

at 11:50am February 1 2013

An SFX 232 PREVIEW: Uxpect the unexpected, says the man who plays the Governor

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