The Twilight Zone


Saturday Link-A-Mania

at 07:53am August 17 2013

X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, The Twilight Zone and more news shorts

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Thursday Link-A-Mania

at 09:29am June 6 2013

Continuum season three, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Crimson Peak, Man Of Steel, Game Of Thrones and more news shorts

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Bryan Singer Enters The Twilight Zone

at 07:45pm December 19 2012

CBS Studios to make yet another a revamped version of the ’60s anthology show

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the inner light

10 More Episodes That Every Sci-Fi Show Must Have

at 02:02pm December 12 2012

10 more ways sci-fi and fantasy have given TV tropes a good work-out

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The SFX Factor: Vote For The Greatest SF & Fantasy TV Opening Titles Ever

at 03:43pm May 17 2012

Haunting theme tunes! Psychedelic graphics! Voice-overs! Basketball! What makes the best TV titles sequences ever?

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Puppet Masters

at 10:45am May 15 2012

A rough guide to the men in black controlling your lives who you don’t know are controlling your lives, by Jayne Nelson

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Joss Whedon: Heroes And Inspirations

at 12:12pm March 6 2012

From ducks to comedians: Jim McLauchlin discovers the cultural influences that have fuelled Whedon’s creative fires

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Twilight Zone Season Five DVD REVIEW

at 12:30pm February 3 2012

Classic anthology series bows out

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Cloverfield Director Enters The Twilight Zone

at 09:46pm October 15 2011

Matt Reeves to direct the new film which won’t be an anthology, but one story

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SFX Spurious Awards thumbnail image

SFX Spurious Awards

at 12:53pm July 7 2011

A classic Doctor Who encounter, Nathan Fillion’s crack habit, a massive overbite and more!

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FROM THE SFX OFFICE thumbnail image


at 04:51pm June 23 2011

Set visits, man dates, the latest Comic Heroes and news on next issue’s free gift in this month’s journey to the heart of all things SF

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Are You Ready To Re-Enter The Twilight Zone? thumbnail image

Are You Ready To Re-Enter The Twilight Zone?

at 11:51am April 23 2011

There are tentative plans for a new series, with Rod Serling’s involvement. Hang on, isn’t he… erm…?

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Thursday Link-A-Mania thumbnail image

Thursday Link-A-Mania

at 09:31am October 21 2010

Maybe a mature Superman for the next movie? Shyamalan goes sci-fi. The Forbin Project being remade.

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Top 25 SFX TV Shows thumbnail image

Top 25 SFX TV Shows

at 10:52am March 23 2010

We asked you to tell us your favourite SF and fantasy TV shows ever. Here are the ones that made the Top 25…

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