The Dark Knight


Christopher Nolan Reveals Inspiration For The Joker’s Make-Up

at 11:58am November 27 2013

How Francis Bacon inspired the clown of crime

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14 Unlikely SF & Fantasy Crossdressers

at 05:35pm August 3 2013

From Merlin to Mal Reynolds, there’s never been a shortage of sci-fi and fantasy icons into a bit of gender bending

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Dave With Mags

BLOG David Bradley’s 100 issues

at 09:30am March 6 2013

Our editor-in-chief reaches a personal milestone with issue 233 and celebrates by choosing his favourite SFX covers

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Top 20 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie WTF? Moments

at 11:21am February 7 2013

Sci-fi things that made you go, “Huh?” at the movies

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The Dark Knight

Win a copy of ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ on Blu-ray™

at 10:59am December 3 2012

Relive the entire Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman saga

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Top 10 Scenes Of Epic Superhero Carnage

at 02:31pm September 12 2012

They save the world (a lot) but the collateral damage can be huge!

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BLOGBUSTERS The Justice League Of America

at 11:04am August 22 2012

This week SFX’s reader bloggers discuss who should helm DC’s superhero team-up

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Top 50 Superhero Movies Of All Time: 2012 Edition

at 02:47pm August 16 2012

So, how have this year’s big three – Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man – affected the vote?

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BLOG Aurora Rises To Defy Tragic Shooting

at 09:26am August 13 2012

How the local comic shop in the town where the tragic Dark Knight shooting took place is fighting back

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BLOG The Dark Knight And Why The Telegraph Should Hang Its Head In Shame

at 08:02pm July 20 2012

SFX Will Salmon is aghast at some tasteless ambulance chasing journalism

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Win Tickets To The BFI’s Christopher Nolan Season

at 12:36pm July 11 2012

Plus, there are Batman hoodies up for grabs too

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Nolan: Why Rises Is Set Eight Years After The Dark Knight

at 08:04am December 13 2011

But don’t worry, he says – it’s not gone all sci-fi with “crazy make-up” (though there was some pretty crazy make-up in The Dark Knight, come to think of it)

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back to the future features

Sci-fi Bargains Of The Week

at 03:13pm November 4 2011

Roll up, roll up – get your cut-price SF goodies right here…

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Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

at 11:10am October 28 2011

More merchandise at rock bottom prices for these harsh economic times. Round-up by Steven Ellis

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Avatar Most Pirate-Downloaded Film Of All Time

at 09:19am October 13 2011

Eight out of the Top Ten most pirate-downloaded films are in SFX territory

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