The Clone Wars


Final Season Of The Clone Wars To Air Exclusively On Netflix

at 03:31pm February 13 2014

The Lost Missions start 7 March in the US

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The Clone Wars’ Famous Guest Stars

at 09:15am October 15 2013

The big names who’ve sent their voices to a galaxy far, far away….

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The Clone Wars season five thumb

The Clone Wars Season Five Competition

at 03:40pm October 11 2013

Win! The complete boxset on DVD and Blu-ray

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Riddick Comic Con poster thumb

Monday Link-A-Mania

at 01:03pm June 17 2013

Man Of Steel breaks box office records, Loki skips The Avengers 2 and David Tennant wins an Emmy for The Clone Wars

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David Tennant In New Star Wars (You Know There’s A Catch, Right?)

at 09:06am November 8 2012

No, not Star Wars Episode VII, sadly, but here’s your chance to watch him in action in Clone Wars

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small_darth maul

Clone Wars Interview And Simon Pegg Clip

at 10:40am October 29 2012

Supervising director Dave Filoni talks Sith Lords, while Simon Pegg guest stars as Dengar in a clip from the season four DVD/Blu-ray

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SFX NEEDS YOU! Put Your Questions To The Brains Behind The Clone Wars

at 05:12pm October 19 2012

Supervising director Dave Filoni and other Clone Wars creatives to answer your questions

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THE CLONE WARS “It’s Time For Some Characters To Pay The Piper”

at 09:00am August 28 2012

AWESOME TV PREVIEW DAY 9 Don’t expect everyone to make it out of season five in one piece

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Sci-fi And Fantasy’s Greatest Reboots

at 03:49pm July 3 2012

As we wait to discover whether audiences reckon that The Amazing Spider-Man is a successful reboot or not, we look back at some franchises that pulled off a reboot in style

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Simon Pegg Dengar

Simon Pegg In The Clone Wars

at 06:37pm May 22 2012

See two short but sweet clips of Simon Pegg as Dengar in Saturday’s episode of The Clone Wars

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Clone Wars Katee Sackhoff clip

at 04:10pm April 30 2012

Here’s an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars starring Katee Sackhoff as Mandalorian Bo-Katan [video]

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Tweets Of The Week

at 05:07pm March 6 2012

Jayne and Mal reunited, Fallout: New Arrakis and birthday wishes for Jensen Ackles in this week’s tour through the Twittersphere

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SFX218 cover thumb

SFX 218 Preview

at 05:53pm January 10 2012

On set with the Winchesters for the new season of Supernatural, directors Neveldine and Taylor talk Ghost Rider 2 and an exclusive reveal of Being Human series four

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BLOG The Clone Wars

at 04:32pm November 30 2011

We have some things to be thankful to the prequel trilogy for, reckons Steven Ellis

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Tweets Of The Week

at 01:04pm July 25 2011

Comic-Con, Piegate and Lost nightmares in this week’s tweets

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