The Cabin In The Woods


Top 20 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie WTF? Moments

at 11:21am February 7 2013

Sci-fi things that made you go, “Huh?” at the movies

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Sci-Fi Quotes Of The Year 2012

at 10:19am December 29 2012

Real world quotations from sci-fi’s stars and creators, plus some of the best lines from movie and TV

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Top 25 SF And Fantasy Films of 2012

at 12:05pm December 21 2012

What nabs the top spot? The Avengers? The Dark Knight Rises? The Hobbit? Or something more surprising?

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 03:38pm November 9 2012

Avengers hedgehogs, the ultimate cosplay costume, balloon-based Tolkien, some familiar chocolate and loads more stuff and nonsense

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Cabin In The Woods Marty lift thumb

The Cabin In The Woods Fran Kranz Interview

at 05:02pm September 24 2012

We chat to the Whedonverse’s resident geek. Plus, a chance to win the film on DVD and an exclusive clip from the special features.

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This Week’s Joss Whedon Blu-ray Cock-Up

at 12:29pm September 24 2012

Believe it or not, now there’s a fault with the UK Blu-ray of The Cabin In The Woods!

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The Cabin In The Woods REVIEW

at 12:00pm September 21 2012

DVD REVIEW Out of its tree

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SFX Horror A to Z: Sneak Peek Flick-Through Video

at 05:25pm September 19 2012

Get a look at all the freebies (including a DVD) and every single page of the latest SFX special edition

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SFX A To Z Of Horror Edition With Free DVD

at 08:00am September 18 2012

The latest SFX Special Edition is your A To Z Of Horror – with free DVD, postcards and more!

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The Cabin In The Woods Competition

at 03:42pm April 20 2012

Win a copy of The Cabin In The Woods Official Visual Companion signed by Joss Whedon

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The Cabin In The Woods: New Clip

at 06:24am April 11 2012

Horror is about to turn inside-out

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SFX Issue 221: On Sale Now

at 11:51am April 4 2012

Beyond the shiny Spider-Man cover there’s lots of Whedony, Battleshippy, Burtony, Resident Evily, Lock-Outy goodness

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The Cabin In The Woods: 3 New Images

at 08:21am March 30 2012

But we’re still keepting schtum about the plot to the Joss Whedon-written horror movie that’s got critics all excited

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See The Cabin In The Woods Early For Free!

at 02:48pm March 19 2012

You are invited to a special preview of new Joss Whedon-written horror film that’s been getting rave reviews. Tickets are first come, first served

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The Cabin In The Woods: A Special Message From Joss Whedon

at 02:35am March 10 2012

The reviews are starting to appear but Mr Whedon has a special Hitchcock-style message for people who blab too much

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