The Avengers

Or Marvel Avengers Assemble to give the movie its full title. News, trailers, interviews and clips for Joss Whedon’s superhero smackdown. Are you feeling Loki?


The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Casting – Paul Bettany To Play The Vision

at 11:49am February 7 2014

The Synthezoid originally created by Ultron as a weapon to use against the Avengers will feature in the sequel

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Stan Lee Answers Your Questions!

at 04:49pm January 28 2014

Marvel legend Stan Lee answers the questions that YOU want to hear the answers to.

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Hugo Award Winners 2013

at 02:22pm September 2 2013

Game Of Thrones and The Avengers scoop coveted genre awards

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SFX@Comic-Con Saturday Video Blog, Plus Loki On Stage

at 08:59pm July 21 2013

It was a big day for movie news at Comic-Con and the SFXers over there almost seem shell-shocked by all the revelations

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at 09:19am July 5 2013

Steven Ellis worries that collateral damage in big blockbusters is getting out of hand

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BLOG A Cinematic Universe Too Far?

at 01:31pm July 2 2013

Steven Ellis wonders whether big screen superhero shared universes will end up as bloated and continuity-hobbled as their comic equivalents

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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

at 12:51pm June 26 2013

New Ronald D Moore series greenlit; X-Men casting; Knight Rider movie gets writer; missing Avengers episodes get new lease of life.

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Iron Man 3 Tony suit small

Friday Link-A-Mania

at 12:27pm June 21 2013

To end the week: RDJ suits up for two more Avengers, Independence Day 2 gets a release date and Mary Jane Watson may have a new face

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Much Ado About Nothing: Joss Whedon Video Interview

at 03:01pm June 10 2013

How a bunch of afternoon readings with his Buffy and Avengers mates became a full-blown movie…

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Quicksilver Cast In The Aven… No, Hang On… In X-Men: Days Of Future Past

at 09:42pm May 23 2013

Is he going to be in both films?

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POLL! The Greatest Superhero Of All Time

at 10:00am May 10 2013

Calling all comic fans (and TV and film fans too): we’re compiling the ultimate list of comic book superheroes and we need your vote…

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Joss Whedon Teases The Avengers 2

at 05:50pm April 29 2013

And when we say “teases”… well, you know how he can say loads without saying anything

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30 Greatest Sci-Fi Siblings

at 01:22pm March 1 2013

That’s sci-fi and fantasy, of course, but “sci-fi siblings” has such a nice ring to it, we didn’t want to spoil it

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Top 20 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie WTF? Moments

at 11:21am February 7 2013

Sci-fi things that made you go, “Huh?” at the movies

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Marvel Boss Reveals Iron Man 3 Details

at 04:25pm January 21 2013

Kevin Feige reveals that Tony Stark once again has to rely on his greatest weapon – his brain

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