Flash 1.01 pilot small

The Flash 1.01 “Pilot” REVIEW

at 09:55am October 29 2014

TV REVIEW Off at a sprint

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Gotham 1.02 Selina Kyle small

Gotham 1.02 “Selina Kyle” REVIEW

at 09:05am October 29 2014

TV REVIEW The pens of doom

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Gotham 1.01 pilot small

Gotham 1.01 “Pilot” REVIEW

at 09:00am October 29 2014

TV REVIEW Batman’s origin… the long version

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gatham balloonman small

Gotham 1.03 “The Balloonman” REVIEW

at 10:00pm October 27 2014

TV REVIEW Ups and downs

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marvels agents of shield creed small

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD 2.01 “Shadows” REVIEW

at 09:00pm October 24 2014

TV REVIEW Does the series kick off with an absorbing episode?

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avengers confidential_small

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher REVIEW

at 12:00pm August 1 2014

DVD REVIEW It’s punishing alright…

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SFX Complete Guide To X-Men: On Sale Now!

at 01:44pm May 20 2014

Celebrate over 50 years of X-Men action, including all seven films, right up to Days Of Future past

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Comic Review #16 Now on Sale – Just 99p

at 06:23pm May 16 2014

Your week digital dose of comic book news: this issue includes a Days Of Future Past review

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X-Men: Days Of Future Past REVIEW

at 05:39pm May 13 2014


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Son Of Batman REVIEW

at 01:00pm May 2 2014

BLU-RAY REVIEW Wayne minor

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Comic Review #13 NOW ON SALE – Just 99p

at 03:21pm April 25 2014

It’d be a sin not to buy this weekly digital round-up of the comics world

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Comic Review #12 On Sale Now

at 05:38pm April 17 2014

Spider-Man frenzy in the new issue

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Comic Heroes 23 Now On Sale

at 09:05am April 17 2014

The magazine for people who take comics seriously. PLUS downloads for 4 free issues of UNITY!

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HOT TOPIC We Want Your Thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2

at 09:35am April 16 2014

Let us know what you think of the new Spidey movie and you could be immortalised in SFX.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 REVIEW

at 03:18pm April 14 2014

FILM REVIEW A tangled web

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