Star Wars


Friday Link-A-Mania

at 12:06pm April 11 2014

New homes for Tatooine and Comixology, and a couple of mutants may be going solo…

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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 06:38pm April 8 2014

Wookiees, Battlestars and comic book villains in our round-up of the day’s sci-fi and fantasy news

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Monday Link-A-Mania

at 06:26pm April 7 2014

Today’s news: Gwendoline Christie, Penny Dreadful, Star Wars, Wil Wheaton, a sequel for The Goonies, The Big Bang Theory, Captain America and more

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Star Wars Casting Announcement: JJ To Go CG For Lead Trio

at 10:11am April 1 2014

APRIL FOOL! JJ goes digital to find actors who match his vision

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Start Date For Star Wars: Episode VII Announced

at 07:20pm March 18 2014

And we now know when it’ll be set

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Monday Link-A-Mania

at 12:09pm March 17 2014

Happy St Patrick’s Day! In today’s sci-fi news digest: X-Men, Star Wars, Jonathan Ross, The Amazing Spider-Man sequels, Fenella Fielding, Douglas Adams and more…

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Monday Link-A-Mania

at 01:07pm March 10 2014

News to start the week: Game Of Thrones, Douglas Adams, Fenella Fielding, Supernatural, Star Wars, Eric Bana, Agents Of SHIELD and more…

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GUEST BLOG Author Den Patrick on optimism in fiction

at 09:05am March 10 2014

There should always be light at the end of the tunnel, says the author of the The Boy With The Porcelain Blade

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Here’s The Trailer For The Final Season Of The Clone Wars

at 11:38am February 26 2014

The Lost Missions are underway…

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New Star Wars Rebels Teasers

at 10:55am February 18 2014

We’ve seen plenty of pictures, now here’s some moving stuff from the new animated Star Wars series

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Comic Review Issue 2 Available Now

at 11:13am February 8 2014

We have a weekly (yes, weekly) digital mag all about comics. This week, Paul Cornell’s Wolverine is on the cover

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Feel The Force Day prepares to land in Peterborough

at 03:27pm January 29 2014

This October prepare to visit the only film and TV convention designed for visually impaired and disabled people

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New Star Wars Rebels Droid Revealed

at 02:58pm January 28 2014

He’s a grumpy astromech droid called Chopper

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The Top 5 Planetary Destructions

at 03:58pm January 24 2014

When good worlds go ka-booom!

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Monday Link-A-Mania

at 06:00pm January 20 2014

Agents Of SHIELD, Young Ones, Douglas Adams, Star Wars and RoboCop – it’s today’s sci-fi news digest!

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