HOT TOPIC We Want Your Thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2

at 09:35am April 16 2014

Let us know what you think of the new Spidey movie and you could be immortalised in SFX.

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Over 50 Years Of Spider-Man Masks

at 06:02pm April 14 2014

With just days to go until The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens, Printster celebrates with this fun infographic

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 REVIEW

at 03:18pm April 14 2014

FILM REVIEW A tangled web

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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 06:38pm April 8 2014

Wookiees, Battlestars and comic book villains in our round-up of the day’s sci-fi and fantasy news

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: New Clip

at 08:57am March 12 2014

Electro in action in “Times Square Sniper” clip

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Amazing Spider-Man 2: Becoming Peter Parker Featurette

at 11:48am March 8 2014

Andrew Garfield talks about his Spidey starring role in advance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Exclusive Pictures From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

at 03:21pm February 26 2014

See a couple more UK exclusive images from the upcoming Spidey film in today’s gallery

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Andrew Garfield

New Spider-Man Trailer Shows Rise Of Electro

at 05:52pm February 24 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro trailer shows more footage from the upcoming superhero sequel

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Stan Lee Answers Your Questions!

at 04:49pm January 28 2014

Marvel legend Stan Lee answers the questions that YOU want to hear the answers to.

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Three New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Posters

at 02:53pm January 7 2014

Plenty of Electro and a hint of Green Goblin in trio of Wallcrawler one-sheets

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Perfect for Christmas: the SFX Superheroes bookazine!

at 04:52pm December 12 2013

Give the gift of superheroes this 25 December

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Spidey small

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 New Trailer

at 01:51pm December 5 2013

Peter Parker swings in for the first, full-length, Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer

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SPIDEY 2 1small

New Pics From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

at 10:28am December 4 2013

Behold the power of Electro!

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906429 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Synopsis Revealed

at 10:07am December 3 2013

A hint of what to expect in the Spider-sequel – and it seems somebody’s missing… PLUS! A tiny, tiny bit of arachno-footage

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Spider-Man Spinoffs In Development

at 01:46pm November 22 2013

Sony chief says work is underway to create “a bigger universe”

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