SFX Weekender

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

BLOG Memories Of A Mad Weekend In North Wales

at 11:06am February 15 2012

Steven Ellis polls the SFX forumites to find out what they thought of the Weekender

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BLOG Assembling The Geek Nation

at 08:37am February 13 2012

Alasdair Stuart likens The Weekender to the Traken Union, where it all works out best if everybody is terribly nice to each other

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at 07:43am February 13 2012

A special video Blastermind for you this week. This was one round in the Blastermind quiz at the SFX Weekender. Can you name the films and TV shows these SF and fantasy trains come from (there are 11 different ones in all) plus can you name the person with a sci-fi connection who’s singing the song?

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Eve Myles: “Possibly The Best Question I’ve Ever Been Asked” – NOW UPDATED

at 01:14pm February 6 2012

Eve Myles cracks up when she’s asked to recall a “little” something about Torchwood at the SFX Weekender.

UPDATE: Some people have had trouble making out the audio on this. If you’re amongst them, click here to read a transcript.

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Robert Rankin Sings Perfect Day At The SFX Awards (Updated)

at 07:36pm February 5 2012

This was how Robert Rankin and Raygun brought the 2012 SFX Awards to a close at the SFX Weekender 3 last night. Our camera actually ran out of battery power before the end, so thanks to David Howe for YouTubing this (this is a better version than the one we posted yesterday, but it wasn’t tdrury’s fault he was further away!).

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SFX Awards 2012: The Winners

at 09:45pm February 4 2012

The greatest sci-fi awards ceremony in the galaxy has taken place, and now we can reveal the winners to the world

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Sylvester McCoy On The Hobbit & Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

at 06:41pm February 4 2012

The Seventh Doctor goes walkabout at the SFX Weekender

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Book Cover

Free Stephen Hunt novella on Kindle during the SFX Weekender

at 05:32pm February 1 2012

To celebrate this weekend’s live event, you’ll be able to read thriller “In The Company Of Ghosts” digitally for free

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The Geek Syndicate SFX Weekender Challenge

at 04:45pm February 1 2012

Coming to the Weekender? Then you could be in with a chance of winning a Doctor Who Animated Chess Set (Lenticular Edition)

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Connie Fisher Set For SFX Weekender

at 03:41pm February 1 2012

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? star to join us in Wales and help judge the costume competition

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Dirk Gently Stephen Mangan

Dirk Gently On The Case At The SFX Weekender

at 04:14pm January 31 2012

Star Stephen Mangan and producer Chris Carey will be joining us for the UK’s greatest festival of sci-fi

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Pulp: Trailer For The Film That’s Previewing At The SFX Weekender

at 01:14pm January 31 2012

If you’re coming along to the SFX Weekender you’ll be among the first people to see this great new comedy drama based around the world of comics publishing, Pulp. It’s on in the Screening Zone on Saturday at 4pm. Tony Leary, the hapless owner of Junk Comics, is gearing up for one last roll of the dice. His new superhero title, The Sodomizer, launches at the International Comic Show. And if life weren’t complicated enough, Tony is drafted by the police to identify another comic company that is laundering money for a gang of Geordie criminals. Aided by his trusty geek sidekicks, Rick and Keith, Tony must defy the odds if he is to become a real life hero. Learn more about Pulp here.

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Anthony Head thumb

Anthony Head and THE Colin Baker confirmed for the SFX Weekender

at 03:44pm January 25 2012

But work commitments mean Alex Kingston is no longer able to attend

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Great Ormond Street auction thumb

SFX Weekender Charity Auction Announced

at 12:40pm January 25 2012

All the details on what you can bid for at this year’s charity auction

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Meet Ian Whates, Suzanne McLeod and Graham McNeill

at 06:28pm January 20 2012

More SF and fantasy authors to attend the SFX Weekender in February

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