FEATURE 10 Totally Misleading Movie Titles

at 11:22am July 28 2014

If you didn’t know them well, you could get a bit confused as to what some films are actually going to be about…

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Tweets Of The Week

at 05:01pm August 13 2013

Max Landis on the Chronicle sequel that will never be, the men of Days Of Future Past and Jewel Staite sneaks into a Serenity screening, all in the latest Tweets Of The Week

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Firefly Online Game Announced

at 10:31am July 18 2013

Now you can misbehave in space too

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Don’t Expect That Firefly Kickstarter Yet, Warns Joss Whedon

at 07:47am March 15 2013

Any money raised might be sat around doing nothing for a very, very long time…

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Top 51 Sci-Fi Spaceships

at 02:51pm December 2 2012

As voted for by you!

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BLOGBUSTERS Reversible Deaths

at 09:03am September 22 2012

The ‘Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!’ edition, hosted by Alasdair Stuart. The SFX Blogbusters discuss which sci-fi or fantasy characters they’d resurrect

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BLOGBUSTERS Favourite Sci-Fi Fight Scenes

at 07:00am July 28 2012

The Blogbusters team gets into a big fight about it choices, but Alasdair Stuart is here to referee

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BLOG Extravagant Shots

at 11:08am June 19 2012

Steven Ellis recalls some of the shots from SF movies that made him sit up and pay attention

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at 05:47pm June 3 2012

The “Sequels That Never Happened” Edition, collected and collated by Alasdair Stuart

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Whedonverse Jargon Guide

at 12:05am March 10 2012

From the smart and sassy sayings of the kids of Sunnydale High to the space-speak of the Serenity crew, Whedon’s works feature a lexicon like no other. By Jayne Nelson

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Tweets Of The Week

at 05:07pm March 6 2012

Jayne and Mal reunited, Fallout: New Arrakis and birthday wishes for Jensen Ackles in this week’s tour through the Twittersphere

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Dear Nathan Fillion, I Am Your Number One Fan, Love Katie McGrath

at 12:11pm December 22 2011

We’ve always loved Merlin’s Katie McGrath because she’s so ready to geek out with us at the slightest excuse. Big time. But has she ever endeared herself as much to the fan community as much as she does in these outtakes from an interview we did with her earlier this year? (With thanks to Cultbox, who were in the interview with us, and complicit in drawing out her geekiness).

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BLOGBUSTERS Sci-Fi Sob Stories

at 09:46am December 1 2011

What sci-fi or fantasy makes the SFX blogging team get all emotional?

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Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

at 11:08am November 11 2011

Steven Ellis scours the virtual bargain bins for more great merchandise at rock bottom prices

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Alan Tudyk Interview

at 01:52pm September 23 2011

The actor who played loveable pilot Wash appears in Tucker And Dale Vs Evil, which hits cinemas today, and DVD and Blu-ray on Monday. SFX chats to him about the Whedonverse, I, Robot, Transformers and a whole load more

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