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Lister, Rimmer, Cat, Kryten and a whole load of crazy sci-fi fun. Red Dwarf is back, and SFX has all the best features for the show both old and new. Plus all the latest news and reviews


Monday Link-A-Mania

at 08:15am April 14 2014

Today’s news digest! Civilization: Beyond Earth, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Transformers and more

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Monday Link-A-Mania

at 06:26pm April 7 2014

Today’s news: Gwendoline Christie, Penny Dreadful, Star Wars, Wil Wheaton, a sequel for The Goonies, The Big Bang Theory, Captain America and more

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YouTube’s Geek Week starts today

at 07:39am August 4 2013

Robert Llewellyn and Warwick Davis star in a week of genre and cult fun online, including resurrected Knightmare and a full Ashens movie

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INTERVIEW Nine Worlds Geekfest Event

at 09:30am July 15 2013

Paul Cornell, Jenni Hill and Erich Schultz reveal what you can expect from the new convention on the London scene

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Currency Converter

at 02:07pm July 2 2013

Do you know how many Septims there are in a Cred? Or how many bottle caps you could get for a dollarpound? Here’s where you find out.

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The Man In The Rubber Mask by Robert Llewellyn REVIEW

at 12:00pm May 17 2013

BOOK REVIEW Kryten’s memoir gets an upgrade

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BLOG The Passion Of The Geek

at 10:10am March 26 2013

Johnny Alpha, Red Dwarf series two. Patrick Troughton, Just three of Stacey Whittle’s answers to some classic geek pub arguments

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Working Themselves Into Oblivion: Sci-Fi’s Greatest Working Class Heroes

at 12:35pm March 14 2013

With Tom Cruise playing a drone repairman in Oblivion, we look back at some other blue collar workers who became sci-fi heroes

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Top 50 Sci-Fi Robots

at 04:32pm January 26 2013

We asked you to vote for your favourite screen robots, and here are the results

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Sci-Fi Quotes Of The Year 2012

at 10:19am December 29 2012

Real world quotations from sci-fi’s stars and creators, plus some of the best lines from movie and TV

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Spurious Awards Of The Year

at 11:05am December 20 2012

A sideways look at sci-fi in 2012 – new awards and a reminder of some of the best spurious nominees of the past 12 months

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Isn’t It About Time You Gave Red Dwarf “Back To Earth” Another Chance?

at 12:17pm December 15 2012

It was the first new Red Dwarf for nearly a decade, but some fans weren’t very happy with the three-parter. But is it better than its reputation would have you believe?

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15 Ice Planets For A Guaranteed White Christmas

at 08:13am December 14 2012

Prime skiing destinations across the galaxy

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the inner light

10 More Episodes That Every Sci-Fi Show Must Have

at 02:02pm December 12 2012

10 more ways sci-fi and fantasy have given TV tropes a good work-out

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Top 51 Sci-Fi Spaceships

at 02:51pm December 2 2012

As voted for by you!

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