Raiders Of The Lost Ark


BLOG The Power Of A Poster

at 09:12am May 3 2013

Steven Ellis celebrates the work of a man whose artwork you almost certainly own somewhere in your collection

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Top 20 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie WTF? Moments

at 11:21am February 7 2013

Sci-fi things that made you go, “Huh?” at the movies

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 03:54pm October 12 2012

Pokemon fight back, a Red Dwarf apology, reduced Raiders, Grumpy old Iron Man and whole load more stuff and nonsense

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Indiana Jones: 2 New Behind-The-Scenes Clips From Raiders Of The Lost Ark

at 03:09pm October 8 2012

Both are never-seen-before footage from the new Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Blu-Ray box-set, available from today

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The Week In Sci-Fi

at 03:21pm August 20 2012

Buckle up, there’s another smashing week of SF heading your way…

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BLOGBUSTERS Favourite Sci-Fi Fight Scenes

at 07:00am July 28 2012

The Blogbusters team gets into a big fight about it choices, but Alasdair Stuart is here to referee

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The Week In Sci-Fi

at 01:40pm June 25 2012

Brace for impact, fiction-o-nauts, there’s a storm of SF heading your way over the next seven days

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 01:41pm December 16 2011

Short and sweet this week, but with a very festive sci-fi feel

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Tweets Of The Week

at 04:21pm August 11 2011

Eureka gets the axe, Spock meets Spock and Andy Hallet remembered in this week’s tweets

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50 Greatest Sci-Fi Themes Ever thumbnail image

50 Greatest Sci-Fi Themes Ever

at 07:30pm July 21 2011

We asked you to vote for your favourite SF, fantasy and horror movie themes ever. Over 5,000 votes later, here are the results…

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Vote For The Films You Want To See At The SFX Weekender thumbnail image

Vote For The Films You Want To See At The SFX Weekender

at 08:03pm November 29 2010

Last year’s screenings went down a storm, and this year you can help select the programme

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