Merlin Series 5 reviews

Merlin 513

Merlin 5.13 “The Diamond Of The Day (Part 2)” REVIEW

at 09:00pm December 24 2012

TV REVIEW For the love of Camelot! The prophesy comes to pass in the final episode of Merlin

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Merlin 5.12 “The Diamond Of The Day (Part 1)” REVIEW

at 08:40pm December 22 2012

TV REVIEW It’s the beginning of the end for Arthur but Merlin has problems of his own…

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Merlin 511

Merlin 5.11 “The Drawing Of The Dark” REVIEW

at 09:00pm December 15 2012

TV REVIEW It’s the beginning of the end as a druid rebel divides the court.

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Merlin 5.10 “The Kindness Of Strangers” REVIEW

at 08:40pm December 8 2012

TV REVIEW Morgana steps up her search for Emrys while friends old and new take great risks to protect him.

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Merlin 5.09 “With All My Heart” REVIEW

at 08:45pm December 1 2012

TV REVIEW Merlin puts on a dress in order to help Arthur free Gwen from Morgana’s evil brainwashing.

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Merlin 5.08 “The Hollow Queen” REVIEW

at 08:45pm November 24 2012

TV REVIEW With Merlin out of the castle on a wild goose chase, who will protect Arthur?

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Merlin 5.07 “A Lesson In Vengeance” REVIEW

at 08:45pm November 17 2012

TV REVIEW There’s treachery in Camelot and familiar faces come under suspicion when the king’s life is threatened

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Merlin 5.06 “The Dark Tower” REVIEW

at 08:50pm November 10 2012

Merlin 5.06 “The Dark Tower” TV REVIEW [lots of spoilers right from the start!]

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Merlin V

Merlin 5.05 “The Disir” REVIEW

at 09:00pm November 3 2012

TV REVIEW Arthur is challenged by the old gods and Mordred’s influence grows

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Merlin 5.04 “Another’s Sorrow” REVIEW

at 09:05pm October 27 2012

TV REVIEW Morgana and Odin attempt to draw out Arthur and use Princess Mithian as bait

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Merlin Series 5

Merlin 5.03 “The Death Song Of Uther Pendragon” REVIEW

at 09:10pm October 20 2012

TV REVIEW Arthur is haunted by his late father’s ambitions – literally

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Merlin 5.02 “Arthur’s Bane (Part 2)” REVIEW

at 09:10pm October 13 2012

TV REVIEW Merlin and Arthur infiltrate Morgana’s mines and the outcome is not what you expect…

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Merlin 5.01 “Arthur’s Bane (Part 1)” REVIEW

at 08:30pm October 6 2012

TV REVIEW Three years have passed and the enemies of Camelot are plotting…

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