Saturn Award Winners Announced

at 11:03am July 27 2012

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and Super 8 are the big winners

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Saturn Awards Nominations Revealed

at 07:56am March 1 2012

And blimey, they’re a bit bonkers

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BLOG The Mark Sheppard Phenomenon

at 03:18pm February 9 2012

Can a Mark Sheppard appearance be too much of a good thing, wonders Steven Ellis?

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The Top 15 Honorary SFX Shows

at 12:35pm November 22 2011

TV shows that aren’t strictly speaking SFX shows, but that you think we should cover anyway, for the hell of it

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Wil Wheaton Interview

at 07:41am December 9 2010

Fan favourite Wil (Wesley Crusher) Wheton is back on Leverage, and here he tells us what it takes to be a TV geek.

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