Mark Millar On X-Men: Days Of Future Past

at 04:02pm February 1 2013

SFX chats X-Men, Kick-Ass, Dredd and The Dark Knight with the comic world’s number one mover and shaker…

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SFX #224 On Sale Now!

at 11:28am June 27 2012

We’re embracing our dark side our latest jam-packed issue…

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Comic Heroes 13 ON SALE NOW

at 03:28pm June 21 2012

The next packed issue of Comic Heroes is on the way, and it’s full of bad girls…

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Dave Gibbons At Kapow! Watchmen, Secret Service And More

at 07:46am May 22 2012

The legendary Watchmen artist talks about his collaborations with Alan Moore and Mark Millar, among other things

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Mark Millar Interviewed At Kapow! Supercrooks, Kick-Ass 2, Ultimates & More

at 07:16am May 22 2012

The Kick-Ass creator talks about his upcoming movie projects and The Ultimates’ influence on The Avengers movie

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Paul Cornell Interviewed At Kapow!

at 09:17pm May 21 2012

Demon Knights, lesbian weddings and a new novel later this year that sounds great!

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Peter Serafinowicz Launches “The Credible Hulk”… Well, Sort Of

at 08:59pm May 21 2012

Funny Man and voice of Darth Maul Peter Serafinowicz launches his new comic, Nelson, with artist Jock at Kapow! Full video interview

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DC Boss Dan DiDio On The New 52 And More

at 08:19pm May 21 2012

Full video interview with DC’s main man on the SFX stage at Kapow!

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Marvel’s Joe Quesada Interviewed At Kapow!

at 07:21am May 21 2012

Marvel Comics’ Chief Creative Officer talks about the Avengers Assemble effect among loads of other things, on stage at Kapow!

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Rufus Sewell Talks Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter At Kapow!

at 02:53pm May 20 2012

Rufus talks about his role as Adam in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, directed by Timur Bekmambetov and released in the UK on 20 June

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Storage 24: Noel Clarke Video Interview From Kapow!

at 01:26pm May 20 2012

Here’s a man who really knows how to convince you to see his movie. We’re all excited now.

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Supercrooks Director Nacho Vigalondo at Kapow!

at 08:52am May 20 2012

Timecrimes director moves onto comic crimes

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Godzilla Director Gareth Edwards At Kapow!

at 08:43am May 20 2012

Expect some exciting announcements imminently

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Kick Ass

Kick-Ass 2 News From Kapow!

at 08:23am May 20 2012

Starts filming in September, and out-swears the first film, says Millar

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Total Recall Footage To Screen At KAPOW!

at 12:38pm May 18 2012

Be among the first to watch an extended preview of the Total Recall remake

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