Judge Dredd

2000 AD PROG 188 cover small

Next Week’s 2000 AD Makes A Splash

at 05:13pm May 9 2014

It’s not the just the return of legendary artist Glen Fabry for the cover, but a splash page inside that’s bowled us over

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Get Started Reading 2000 AD With This Week’s Jumping On Issue

at 05:35pm March 22 2014

Prog 1874 of the long-running British anthology comic is set to be the perfect starting point for new readers

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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 01:38pm February 25 2014

Hear Godzilla roar, possible returns for Shrek and Dredd, and RIP Egon Spengler

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Vertigo Artist Takes On Judge Dredd

at 09:53am January 8 2014

Scalped’s RM Guerra draws a one-shot that shows how age is catching up with the Judge

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This Weekend We’re At The Bath Comic And Sci-Fi Event

at 06:19pm September 25 2013

Join SFX and a line-up of great guests: this weekend in our home city

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2000AD Launches Official Dredd Sequel Petition

at 07:08am July 25 2013

Though we’re not sure how many names it’ll need to officially get a sequel into production…

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Currency Converter

at 02:07pm July 2 2013

Do you know how many Septims there are in a Cred? Or how many bottle caps you could get for a dollarpound? Here’s where you find out.

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INTERVIEW! Author Richard Ford

at 09:35am May 12 2013

Richard Ford talks to Stephen Jewell about launching the Steelhaven series with his new novel The Herald Of The Storm

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BLOG Judge Minty For The Masses

at 12:10pm May 6 2013

Steven Ellis recommends a Judge Dredd fan film that you can now watch in full online

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Comic Heroes 18

Inside issue 18 of Comic Heroes magazine!

at 08:30am April 22 2013

Your complete guide to alien heroes like Superman plus tons of new interviews, 52 pages of free comic samples and more!

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INTERVIEW Judge Dredd Megazine

at 09:00am April 16 2013

Writer Arthur Wyatt discusses his Streets Of Dan Francisco strip set in the world of Judge Dredd and set to appear this week in Megazine issue 335

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BLOG Judge Minty: A Fan Film

at 12:51pm March 28 2013

Steven Ellis highlights a fan-made film that’s been causing a big buzz

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BLOG 2000AD Prog 1824 Review

at 11:58am March 20 2013

Alasdair Stuart checks out the latest issue, which boasts the start of four new stories

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Homes Of The Future

at 07:38am February 26 2013

What you might see out of the window if you buy a flat in the cities of the future

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Inside the new issue of Comic Heroes magazine!

at 09:00am February 20 2013

Featuring Iron Man and bringing you an Iron Man badge, Judge Dredd postcard and 52-page comic sampler, issue 17 of your favourite comics mag is out now

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