Easter Sale Means All Our Digital Editions Are Half Price

at 11:15am April 19 2014

Both Apple and Android devices are catered for. You chance to download back issues 50% cheaper than normal!

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Comic Review Issue 2 Available Now

at 11:13am February 8 2014

We have a weekly (yes, weekly) digital mag all about comics. This week, Paul Cornell’s Wolverine is on the cover

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iPad, iPhone And Kindle Lifestyle Shoot

Calling all iPad and Android tablet owners

at 03:00pm May 30 2013

Are you reading SFX on a digital device? We want to hear from you

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SFX on Kindle

Get SFX and Comic Heroes digitally!

at 11:17am February 22 2013

Own a computery device thing? You can download SFX, SFX Special Editions and Comic Heroes now. See below for links and bargains…

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Visit Ankh-Morpork On Your iPad!

at 08:30am February 14 2013

Terry Pratchett’s official Ankh-Morpork interactive map launched yesterday on the app store – it’s packed with detail so we interviewed the developer about how it was brought to life

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BLOG 10 ways to get more out of SFX

at 06:23am May 1 2012

Free apps, plugs for your blog, a book club… Your favourite sci-fi website and magazine can do more for you, explains Dave Bradley

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Comic Heroes Half Price On Apple Newsstand

at 06:21pm April 5 2012

For this Easter weekend only, you can get digital editions of Comic Heroes for half price

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Comic Heroes Digital Editions: What Would You Like To See?

at 12:24pm March 9 2012

Comic Heroes is going digital crazy, and we need your help!

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Judge Dredd vs Zombie game updated

at 02:00pm March 1 2012

2000 AD‘s mobile game which pits Dredd against a zombie horde now has added Judge Anderson! And will soon be available on Android too

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The SFX Sci-Fi Quiz App is now available for free

at 08:26pm February 7 2012

Yes that’s right. No longer must you shell out 69 whole pee for our awesome trivia game, we’ve gone and made it gratis

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The Woman In Black

Ghost stories and haunted pubs

at 04:49pm December 27 2011

Scared of ghosts? See through the spooks with our Paranormal special edition, on sale now

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comic heroes features

Comic Heroes Bargains On Apple Newsstand

at 04:51pm November 25 2011

Complete your iPhone or iPad collection of Comic Heroes for an incredible £1.49 an issue

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SFX Sci-Fi Quiz iPhone game available free now!

at 05:00pm November 1 2011

Ready to test your sci-fi and fantasy trivia knowledge? To the Apple App Store at once! (FREE SFX APP!)

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SFX Available Now For Apple Devices

at 05:16pm October 12 2011

Download the latest edition to your iPad anywhere in the world, subscribe to the magazine and bask in its digital glory via Apple’s new app

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BLOG Why I get my comics digitally now thumbnail image

BLOG Why I get my comics digitally now

at 12:15pm October 26 2010

The iPad has revolutionised comics, right? Blogger Lee Harris discovers that this is great for independent publishers

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