Fright Night


The Week In Sci-Fi

at 10:47am February 20 2012

Prepare yourself, Earthlings – it’s time for another week packed with glorious science fiction…

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Fright Night DVD REVIEW

at 11:59am February 17 2012

Trite bite, more like

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Top 50 Vampires 2012

at 05:28pm January 23 2012

A lot has happened in the bloodsucker world since we ran our last Top 50 Vampires poll, so how has that affected the results?

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Top Sci-Fi & Fantasy Goths

at 02:26pm January 11 2012

We welcome back Lost Girl to UK screens with a guide to fantasy’s foremost goths

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The SFX Top 25 Films Of The Year

at 12:25pm December 20 2011

The best sci-fi and fantasy films of 2011 according to the SFX writing team and bloggers

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Best And Worst Sci-Fi Movie Posters 2011

at 06:01pm December 16 2011

15 great and 7 not so great posters from the past year

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Fright Night Interview: Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Anton Yelchin

at 11:31am September 2 2011

The stars of the horror remake. out in cinemas now, talk David Tennant, scary movies and car crashes

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From The SFX Office

at 01:45pm September 1 2011

Torchwood Give Us A Clue, zombies, hobnobs and the SFX app – it’s all been going on in SFX towers this week

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SFX Issue 213

at 11:22am August 23 2011

Matt Smith reveals all about the Doctor’s return in the latest SFX…

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Fright Night Clip

at 10:21am August 23 2011

Charley (Anton Yelchin) takes on vampire Jerry (Colin Farrell) with the dubious help of a big cross. Fright Night hits UK cinema screens on 2 September.

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David Tennant Fright Night Poster thumbnail image

David Tennant Fright Night Poster

at 07:57pm June 28 2011

Oh, and some others as well. But Tennant looks kick-ass like he never has before…

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Fright Night – New Trailer: Finally Some Decent David Tennant Footage thumbnail image

Fright Night – New Trailer: Finally Some Decent David Tennant Footage

at 07:56am June 6 2011

About time too. And, Tennant fans, you get to see him topless!

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Fright Night – First Clip thumbnail image

Fright Night – First Clip

at 07:39am May 31 2011

They’re still keeping David Tennant secret, though, so don’t get too excited – just some Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin footage instead

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Tweets Of The Week thumbnail image

Tweets Of The Week

at 10:48am March 14 2011

A sci-fi SXSW and the latest on Supernatural season seven in this week’s tweets.

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Sneak Peek at David Tennant In Fright Night thumbnail image

Sneak Peek at David Tennant In Fright Night

at 05:59am September 2 2010

He looks like Captain Jack Sparrow meets Russell Brand…

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