Win Tickets To John Boorman Films At The BFI

at 12:53pm March 13 2013

Three pairs of tickets to be win for the forthcoming season at the BFI celebrating the man behind Excalibur and Zardoz

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Merlin 4.13 “The Sword In The Stone (Part 2)” TV Review

at 08:46pm December 24 2011

Arthur and Guinevere face their destiny as the battle to retake Camelot begins.

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Bryan Singer’s Excalibur Is Shelved

at 10:05am October 17 2011

Excalibur is no more, but the X-Men director exclusively reveals his plans for a new online genre show…

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Merlin “The Wicked Day” TV Review

at 09:00pm October 15 2011

The episode where everything changes in Camelot [spoiler warning!]

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Warners Fast Tracks Arthur And Lancelot

at 08:34am July 26 2011

Yet another version of the Arthurian legend is heading our way. And quickly

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