Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 01:38pm February 25 2014

Hear Godzilla roar, possible returns for Shrek and Dredd, and RIP Egon Spengler

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Gal Gadot Wonder Woman small

Thursday Link-A-Mania

at 11:31am December 5 2013

Zach Snyder finds his Wonder Woman, the Warcraft cast announced and Dredd with puppets

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BLOG Year One Cures A Text Dread For Dredd

at 01:12pm August 12 2013

Steven Ellis discovers the early years of Dredd through the medium of the written word.

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2000AD Launches Official Dredd Sequel Petition

at 07:08am July 25 2013

Though we’re not sure how many names it’ll need to officially get a sequel into production…

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Avatar 3D

HOT TOPIC: 3D (See Your Name In SFX!)

at 06:07pm April 15 2013

Share your opinions of 3D with SFX readers and see your comments immortalised in the pages of the next print edition!

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HOT TOPIC: See Your Name In SFX!

at 09:40am March 20 2013

Give us your thoughts on the Kickstarter revolution – could it, or should it, shape the future of filmmaking

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NELSON’S COLUMN Bring Out Your Dead To Be Kickstarted

at 11:15am March 18 2013

Jayne Nelson on the joys of Kickstarting TV shows – and why Firefly shouldn’t be one of them (ooh, controversial!)…

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Mark Millar On X-Men: Days Of Future Past

at 04:02pm February 1 2013

SFX chats X-Men, Kick-Ass, Dredd and The Dark Knight with the comic world’s number one mover and shaker…

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Dredd thumb

Dredd Competition

at 03:37pm February 1 2013

Win! Dredd on DVD and the complete case files 1-3

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BLOG Dredded 3D Strikes Again

at 08:55am January 24 2013

Steven Ellis continues his crusade over the lack of choice film fans are increasingly being given

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BLOG Who Killed Judge Dredd?

at 02:54pm January 14 2013

Everyone who saw Dredd 3D thought it was great. All five of them. With the film now out on Blu-ray, Alasdair Stuart examines why it may have been such a box office disaster

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at 12:00pm January 11 2013

DVD REVIEW Urban renewal

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BLOGBUSTERS Santa’s Naughty And Nice List 2012

at 01:08pm December 24 2012

The Peter Venkman Singing “Someone’s Coming…To Tooooown!” edition, hosted by Alasdair Stuart

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Top 25 SF And Fantasy Films of 2012

at 12:05pm December 21 2012

What nabs the top spot? The Avengers? The Dark Knight Rises? The Hobbit? Or something more surprising?

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Spurious Awards Of The Year

at 11:05am December 20 2012

A sideways look at sci-fi in 2012 – new awards and a reminder of some of the best spurious nominees of the past 12 months

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