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Doctor Who’s Radiophonic Workshop Play Live

at 01:07pm April 14 2014

Diddle-dee-dum, diddle-dee-dum etc.

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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

at 01:48pm April 9 2014

Game Of Thrones, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Doctor Who, Joe Hill’s Horns and Vertigo are all hitting the news today!

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Doctor Who Series 8 Accumulator

at 11:38am April 8 2014

Our regularly updated page featuring all the definite news about Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor. Update: Guest star announced for Mark Gatiss episode

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Weekend Link-A-Mania

at 09:00am March 23 2014

Tom Baker, Gotham, books, Neil Gaiman, conventions, Silver Surfer, Bikini Girls Vs Dinosaurs… THIS IS THE NEWS

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Monday Link-A-Mania

at 12:09pm March 17 2014

Happy St Patrick’s Day! In today’s sci-fi news digest: X-Men, Star Wars, Jonathan Ross, The Amazing Spider-Man sequels, Fenella Fielding, Douglas Adams and more…

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Keeley Hawes To Be Doctor Who Villain

at 11:22am March 14 2014

DOCTOR WHO Keeley Hawes is coming to take the Doctor down a peg or two

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DOCTOR WHO Three Old Doctors Talk About The New Doctor

at 01:53pm March 13 2014

Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy on Peter Capaldi

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New Event Celebrates Doctor Who’s Radiophonic Workshop

at 02:07pm March 5 2014

Paying tribute to the pioneers of electronic music

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Monday Link-A-Mania

at 12:11pm March 3 2014

To start the week: Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, Wizards Vs Aliens, Jonathan Ross. It’s today’s sci-fi news digest..

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New Doctor Who Character Danny Pink To Join Series

at 10:08am February 24 2014

Samuel Anderson will play a recurring character, a colleague of Clara Oswald, in series eight

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GUEST BLOG How To Write Time Travel Fiction

at 08:25am February 24 2014

Writing time travel stories despite modern physics? “Fudge it or fake it,” says author Graham Storrs

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doctor who Tales of Trenzalore_small

Doctor Who: Tales Of Trenzalore REVIEW

at 12:00pm February 21 2014

BOOK REVIEW Eleventh Doctor’s lengthy last stand

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doctor who web of fear_small

Doctor Who: The Web Of Fear REVIEW

at 12:00pm February 21 2014

DVD REVIEW Went down the Tube, but now it’s back

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The Doctor, The Regeneration And The Wardrobe

at 10:48am January 29 2014

Where does he get those clothes?

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capaldi costume_small

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi’s Costume Revealed

at 07:29pm January 27 2014

The Twelfth (or is it the Thirteenth, the Fourteenth or even the First?) Doctor’s look is revealed!

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