Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

All the latest news for Doctor Who’s year of celebrations


DOCTOR WHO Three Old Doctors Talk About The New Doctor

at 01:53pm March 13 2014

Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy on Peter Capaldi

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Doctor Who “The Time Of The Doctor” Overnight Viewing Figures

at 10:04am December 26 2013

Did the Doctor defeat Coronation Street?

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Science fiction author Alastair Reynolds

GUEST BLOG Alastair Reynolds talks Doctor Who

at 08:55am December 2 2013

Following the 50th anniversary of the good Doctor, top SF author Alastair Reynolds talks to SFX about his admiration for the show

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The Day Of The Doctor Triumphs At US Box Office

at 11:05am November 27 2013

The number two movie Stateside!

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Doctor Who

HOLLYWOOD HYPERSPACE 50 Things I Loved About Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special

at 02:31pm November 26 2013

It turns out our man in LA really enjoyed the 50th anniversary – here are a half century of reasons why.

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Doctor Who: Creating Time Lord Art For “The Day Of The Doctor”

at 11:54am November 26 2013

How the special effects whizzes at Milk brought paintings to 3D life – and more

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who “The Day Of The Doctor” TV REVIEW

at 09:00am November 25 2013

TV REVIEW Did you hear about the one with the three Doctors?

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Doctor Who: The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

at 08:14am November 25 2013

There’s no excuse not to watch this slice of genius now! Count those cameos… go on! Count them.

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Doctor Who “The Day Of The Doctor” Overnight Ratings

at 09:46am November 24 2013

So, how many people sat down to watch the 50th anniversary special live?

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What Were Your Highlights Of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary?

at 11:09pm November 23 2013

What were your favourite moments of the Doctor Who celebrations?

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doctor who 11 doctors 11 stories_small

Doctor Who: Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories REVIEW

at 12:00pm November 22 2013

BOOK REVIEW Anniversary ebooks compiled

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An Adventure In Space And Time REVIEW

at 10:30pm November 21 2013

TV REVIEW: A story that’s bigger on the inside

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From The SFX Archive: Russell T Davies Meets Verity Lambert

at 09:34am November 21 2013

Back in 2006, SFX introduced Russell T Davies, the man who brought back Doctor Who, to Verity Lambert, its original producer. Here’s what happened…

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HOLLYWOOD HYPERSPACE Being A Doctor Who Fan In America

at 09:00am November 21 2013

Our LA correspondent Joe McCabe explains what it was like falling in love with Doctor Who for an American

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David Tennant Introduces “The Day Of The Doctor”

at 04:48pm November 19 2013

It’s an eye-opening glimpse behind the scenes

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