Comic Review 11 Now On Sale – Just 99p

at 05:28pm April 11 2014

The most reviews ever in this week’s super-packed edition

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Comic Review #9 Now On Sale – Just 99p

at 04:38pm March 28 2014

Your weekly digital download devoted to the world of comics with all-new reviews, news and features

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Comic Review #4 On Sale Just 99p

at 03:29pm February 21 2014

Terminator, Unity, Uncanny X-Men, Grindhouse, Batman ’66 and a whole load more

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Batman Arkham Origins small

Batman: Arkham Origins REVIEW

at 09:41am October 25 2013


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This Weekend We’re At The Bath Comic And Sci-Fi Event

at 06:19pm September 25 2013

Join SFX and a line-up of great guests: this weekend in our home city

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BLOG Batman Zero Year #1: Director’s Cut REVIEW

at 09:06am August 20 2013

Alasdair Stuart watches a legend being rebuilt

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The Flash To Be Introduced Into Arrow

at 09:42pm July 30 2013

Could lead to a possible spin-off

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BLOG Man of Steel: Inside The Legendary World Of Superman

at 02:52pm July 26 2013

Alasdair Stuart reviews a book on the making of Man Of Steel

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Top 10 Sci-Fi Princes

at 04:48pm July 23 2013

And what they could teach the heir to the heir to the heir to the throne

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Arrow Season 2 Sizzle Reel

at 09:03am July 21 2013

A tempting taster of what’s coming up in the second season of the CW superhero show

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Caity Lotz Cast As Arrow’s Black Canary

at 08:23am July 19 2013

Seems that the Black Canary in this show will be the Dinah Drake version, not the Laurel Lance version

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Crossing The Road SMALL thumb

PHOTOS San Diego Comic-Con First Day

at 01:27am July 19 2013

Just a few snaps to give you a taste of the Comic-Con experience…

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Comic Heroes Bookazine

Batman Voted Readers’ Number One Superhero!

at 05:28pm July 15 2013

In a public vote of the 50 greatest comic book heroes, DC’s Caped Crusader comes out top

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BLOG A Cinematic Universe Too Far?

at 01:31pm July 2 2013

Steven Ellis wonders whether big screen superhero shared universes will end up as bloated and continuity-hobbled as their comic equivalents

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Man Of Steel: Producers Debbie Snyder and Charles Roven

at 03:15pm June 14 2013

So is Man Of Steel a gateway drug into a DC shared universe? Why hasn’t a Justice League film been made already? And why does Zack Snyder draw like a crazy man?

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