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Dirk Gently Coming Back To TV Thanks To Max Landis and IDW?

at 09:50pm August 4 2014

The Hollywood Reporter says Douglas Adams’ character is in the hands of the Chronicle scribe

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New Trailer For Constantine Is Pretty Scary

at 11:42am August 2 2014

Watch this one-minute clip of NBC’s new Hellblazer-based TV show

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New Horror SFX Special Edition On Sale Now!

at 08:30am July 22 2014

Our 164-page Ultimate Guide To Horror covers everything you need to celebrate the greatest moments in horror history!

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Monday Link-A-Mania

at 09:23pm July 21 2014

JJ Abrams and his X-Wing-like ship, The Shield, The Flash, Falling Skies, Guardians Of The Galaxy and loads more… NEWS!

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Comic Heroes 24 Now On Sale

at 08:30am July 18 2014

164 pages of comics goodness. And Guardians Of The Galaxy heads up our massive guide to sci-fi superheroes!

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Will You Be At Melksham Comic Con Next Month?

at 07:46pm July 17 2014

Melksham’s third local comic con looks set to be bigger than ever

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New Guardians Of The Galaxy Featurette

at 11:53am July 15 2014

Discover more about Chris Pratt’s character Star-Lord in this new video clip

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See Authors Like Nick Harkaway And Malorie Blackman At The New Foyles

at 08:45am June 6 2014

Grand opening festival means there’s a programme of literary events this month at the all-new Foyles flagship bookstore in London

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SFX Complete Guide To X-Men: On Sale Now!

at 01:44pm May 20 2014

Celebrate over 50 years of X-Men action, including all seven films, right up to Days Of Future past

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Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD 1.20 “Nothing Personal” TV REVIEW

at 09:01pm May 16 2014

SHIELD’s Maria Hill joins the fugitive gang as Ward and Deathlok terrorise Skye

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Comic Review #16 Now on Sale – Just 99p

at 06:23pm May 16 2014

Your week digital dose of comic book news: this issue includes a Days Of Future Past review

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X-Men: Days Of Future Past REVIEW

at 05:39pm May 13 2014


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PROMOTION Wall Murals Made To Measure From

at 03:03pm May 2 2014 has introduced a range of wall murals for fans of Batman, Superman, The Hobbit and more

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Comics a global history_small

Comics: A Global History, 1968 To The Present REVIEW

at 01:00pm May 2 2014

BOOK REVIEW Pretentious? Moi?

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Son Of Batman REVIEW

at 01:00pm May 2 2014

BLU-RAY REVIEW Wayne minor

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