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San Diego Comic-Con Video Blog: Day One

at 08:34am July 24 2014

SFX thoughts on the first day of the annual Californian geekfest

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TheWalkingDeadFutureUS (SMALL)

BLOG The Mega-Con

at 06:13pm August 27 2012

Do I really want to go to a big convention like San Diego? asks blogger and sci-fi fan Steven Ellis

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Mark Hamill talks How To Train Your Dragon TV

at 02:20pm August 11 2012

The Luke Skywalker star discusses recording his voice role in the new How To Train Your Dragon small screen spin-off [video]

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Teen Wolf video interview

at 07:32pm July 31 2012

With just two season two episodes left to air in the US, stars Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien chat about life on set

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TheWalkingDeadFutureUS (SMALL)

The Walking Dead comic party photos and video

at 05:34pm July 22 2012

Watch our Ade and Dave judge a zombie talent show as Future US, Image Comics and Hyundai take San Diego by storm

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Doctor Who Series 7: Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill Interview

at 03:38pm July 19 2012

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill discuss Amy and Rory’s last few episodes on Doctor Who

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Doctor Who Series 7: Matt Smith @ Comic-Con Interview

at 02:32pm July 19 2012

Daleks, the Doctor’s new costume, his new companion and more

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Doctor Who Series 7: Steven Moffat & Caroline Skinner Comic-Con Interview

at 01:01pm July 19 2012

The Doctor’s new costume, the new companion effect and plot arcs

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Paul Cornell interview from San Diego Comic-Con

at 02:21pm July 18 2012

We caught up with novelist and screenwriter Paul Cornell about his upcoming book London Falling

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Peter F Hamilton Comic-Con interview

at 12:30pm July 18 2012

We spoke to the award-winning author about his next novel and about being a guest of honour at the massive US convention

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Mark Hamill and Nathan Fillion with Stan Lee on YouTube

at 10:31am July 18 2012

New World Of Heroes YouTube channel features tons of geek names and entertaining shows about sci-fi fans

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Clone Wars Season 5 Preview Clips

at 12:50pm July 17 2012

Darth Maul is back in a big way

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Marvel@Comic-Con: Tons of Exciting Videos

at 11:51am July 17 2012

Tony Stark hits San Diego in style as the Iron Man 3 panel gets into full-swing… and loads loads more

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Mockingbird Lane Is Like Hitchcock Directing Harry Potter, Says Showrunner

at 09:13am July 16 2012

Bryan (Pushing Daisies) Fuller reveals to Comic-Con crowd that Tim Burton’s art inspired the show

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True Blood: Second Half Of Season Five Trailer

at 07:51am July 16 2012

As premiered at Comic-Con

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