Clone Wars


The Best Of Star Wars: Clone Wars

at 11:24am January 4 2013

In celebration of the series’ landmark 100th episode, Star Wars fanatic SFX blogger Steven Ellis relives some of the best episodes

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Clone Wars Interview And Simon Pegg Clip

at 10:40am October 29 2012

Supervising director Dave Filoni talks Sith Lords, while Simon Pegg guest stars as Dengar in a clip from the season four DVD/Blu-ray

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SFX NEEDS YOU! Put Your Questions To The Brains Behind The Clone Wars

at 05:12pm October 19 2012

Supervising director Dave Filoni and other Clone Wars creatives to answer your questions

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Clone Wars Season 4: Deleted Scene

at 02:06pm October 18 2012

An exclusive deleted scene featuring General Grievous, from the Clone Wars Season 4 Blu-ray, out on Monday

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Clone Wars Season 5 Preview Clips

at 12:50pm July 17 2012

Darth Maul is back in a big way

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Sci-fi And Fantasy’s Greatest Reboots

at 03:49pm July 3 2012

As we wait to discover whether audiences reckon that The Amazing Spider-Man is a successful reboot or not, we look back at some franchises that pulled off a reboot in style

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Darth Maul Returns In Clone Wars: Trailer

at 07:12am February 25 2012

The fourth season concludes with an epic two-parter

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Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

at 11:10am October 28 2011

More merchandise at rock bottom prices for these harsh economic times. Round-up by Steven Ellis

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Anakin Skywalker Interview thumbnail image

Anakin Skywalker Interview

at 02:22pm November 19 2010

We speak to Clone Wars voice actor Matt Lanter about playing the proto-Darth Vader

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Star Wars Live Action TV Show “On Hold” thumbnail image

Star Wars Live Action TV Show “On Hold”

at 07:54am August 5 2010

That’s from the horse’s mouth – this particular nag being George Lucas – according to

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