Read Four Extracts From Marcus Sedgwick’s The Ghosts Of Heaven

at 09:54am October 3 2014

PROMOTION The book’s split into four quarters, which you can read in any order – and you can read an extract from each one

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The Revolutions by Felix Gilman REVIEW

at 12:45pm September 12 2014

BOOK REVIEW Magicianed To Mars

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AUTHOR INTERVIEW: John Hornor Jacobs

at 09:00am August 25 2014

Fantasy novel The Incorruptibles gets five stars in the latest SFX! Here, its author reveals its origins and inspirations

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“Writing Is A Skill And It Requires Use To Improve”

at 06:35pm August 18 2014

Writing advice for first time novelists, from the winner of the most recent Terry Pratchett publishing prize

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Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb REVIEW

at 05:00pm August 8 2014

BOOK REVIEW Long time no Farseer

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AUTHOR INTERVIEW Anna Thayer, JRR Tolkien And CS Lewis

at 08:45am August 4 2014

The author of new fantasy books The Traitor’s Heir and The King’s Hand talks about influences on her world of world of intrigue, passion and divided loyalties

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doctor who Engines of War_small

Doctor Who: Engines Of War by George Mann REVIEW

at 01:20pm July 31 2014

BOOK REVIEW A time for war

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tomorrow and tomorrow_small

Tomorrow And Tomorrow by Thomas Sweterlitsch REVIEW

at 01:22pm July 18 2014

BOOK REVIEW Rise of the cyber-men

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Joss Whedon geek king of the universe_small

Joss Whedon: Geek King Of The Universe REVIEW

at 01:10pm July 18 2014

BOOK REVIEW Buffy boss biographied

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Hear The Prologue From Ecko Burning

at 12:00pm July 17 2014

The audio book of Danie Ware’s new novel Ecko Burning is narrated by Peter Noble and you can hear some of it for free

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GUEST BLOG Mitch Benn On Suspending Disbelief

at 09:00am July 17 2014

The author, actor, singer and comedian discusses fiction, belief and storytelling

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The Outsorcerer’s Apprentice by Tom Holt REVIEW

at 01:10pm July 11 2014

BOOK REVIEW Fun in a fractured fantasyland

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The Rhesus Chart by Charles Stross REVIEW

at 06:00pm July 4 2014

BOOK REVIEW Bankers really suck

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half a king_small

Half A King by Joe Abercrombie REVIEW

at 12:15pm June 27 2014

BOOK REVIEW One third of a new YA fantasy series

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WINNER! Zombie Short Story Competition

at 09:30am June 25 2014

Revealed: the winner and runners-up of the The Writing Dead competition! [UPDATED]

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