Blake’s Seven


50 Fascinating Doctor Who Almosts…

at 01:10pm June 7 2013

What if the Eleventh Doctor had been a pirate or Ron Moody had been the third Doctor? These and 48 other nearly-not-quites

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Top 51 Sci-Fi Spaceships

at 02:51pm December 2 2012

As voted for by you!

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Doctor Who Turned Me Down, Says Drive Director

at 07:51am January 27 2012

Nicolas Winding Refn reveals he offered to helm Who, and would love to direct Blake’s 7

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Best Of British Special thumbnail image

Best Of British Special

at 03:39pm March 28 2011

We’re hoisting up the Union Jack and saluting the finest TV science fiction the UK has ever produced in our rather spiffing new special edition

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22 Great SF Insults thumbnail image

22 Great SF Insults

at 09:15am March 5 2010

From the acerbic comeback to the downright rude and the plain bizarre – see if you can slip ’em in to a conversation with the boss

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