Battlestar Galactica

Guardians Star Lord Small

Thursday Link-A-Mania

at 03:56pm May 8 2014

New Guardians photos, Mockingjay casting, The Mummy reboot loses its director and more

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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 06:38pm April 8 2014

Wookiees, Battlestars and comic book villains in our round-up of the day’s sci-fi and fantasy news

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO Katee Sackhoff Talks Riddick

at 11:03am September 4 2013

Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck returns to outer space for a close encounter with Richard B Riddick

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Comic Scribe Tony Lee on IDW’s Farewell To Doctor Who & Battlestar Prequel

at 12:49pm July 25 2013

Lee will be writing the last four issues of IDW’s regular Who comic, plus a Starbuck (male version) origin story

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Hot Stuff! Space Ship Roller Blinds

at 08:34am April 15 2013

New designs from Direct Blinds celebrate our favourite spaceships

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Top 20 Greatest Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Show Finales*

at 03:38pm April 12 2013

As voted for by you. Words by Jayne Nelson (don’t blame her for the positions!)

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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

at 08:50am April 10 2013

Game Of Thrones, Batman: Arkham Origins, Interstellar, Battlestar Galactica and more news shorts

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Syfy Close To Greenlighting Ron Moore’s Helix

at 07:54pm January 16 2013

The Battlestar showrunner poised to return to the network with new sci-fi thriler

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Attack Of The Clones #26: Battlestar Fighter

at 02:07pm January 10 2013

Battlestar producer or rock singer? You decide!

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BLOG Blood And Chrome: Galactica Battles On

at 10:06am January 2 2013

Steven Ellis reckons the latest Battlestar spin-off is a worthy addition to the franchise

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Battlestar Gallactica
James Callis

Battlestar Galactica’s James Callis Cast In Arrow

at 09:37am December 19 2012

The artist formerly know as Baltar will play, “an elusive international jewel thief”

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 03:18pm December 14 2012

Carry On X-Men, freaky singing, stupid deaths, a Game Of Thrones soap opera, a del Toro-style Santa and loads more stuff and nonsense

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15 Ice Planets For A Guaranteed White Christmas

at 08:13am December 14 2012

Prime skiing destinations across the galaxy

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SFX 230 Featuring The Doctor Who Christmas Special On Sale Now!

at 11:59pm December 11 2012

With exclusive insight into the Doctor’s Yuletide adventures and everything you need to know about the Star Wars Disney deal, the latest SFX is on newsstands today

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Top 51 Sci-Fi Spaceships

at 02:51pm December 2 2012

As voted for by you!

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