Back To The Future


Doctor Who Tops The SFX Top 250 Poll!

at 10:00am June 25 2014

To celebrate our 250th issue, we reveal your votes for the 250 greatest moments in sci-fi, horror and fantasy!

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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 04:05pm June 3 2014

Extra! Extra! It’s Tuesday’s news round-up, with Aliens, RoboCop Apes, Ant-Man, Ghostbusters 3 and a Lego raccoon

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delorean grab_small

Friday Link-A-Mania

at 03:13pm May 23 2014

Mood Indigo trailer released; Back To The Future’s Doc Brown makes a surprise return; Sin City character posters released

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Back To The Future Musical In The Works

at 10:24am January 31 2014

Movie creators Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale reuniting for West End adaptation

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Sci-Fi’s Greatest Flying Cars

at 06:00am November 17 2012

Forget practising your hill start in this lot…

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at 03:55pm November 2 2012

The “Ziggy predicts a 98.5% chance this week’s episode is about time travel” edition, chaired by Alasdair Stuart

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 12:44pm November 2 2012

Tim Burton’s Doctor Who, Disney villains triumphant, Captain Jack on The X-Factor, Brian Blessed’s T-shirt and whole load more stuff and nonsense

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Grand Theft Auto Goes Back To The Future

at 07:55am September 3 2012

Some genius hasn’t just added a DeLorean (that‘s been done before) but a TIME-TRAVELLING DeLorean. We kid you not

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 12:15pm July 21 2012

Game Of Thrones cosplay, bad security in Continuum, Sinbad sports day, and loads more

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10 Tragic Spaceship And Sci-Fi Car Destruction Scenes

at 08:27am July 8 2012

Those sci-fi and fantasy vehicles and vessels we miss the most, by Steven Ellis

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 05:07pm June 29 2012

Superkids, a limo time machine, Sailor Moon meets The Avengers, robot invaders, Game Of Thrones musical plea, and loads more stuff and nonsense

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18 Bizarre Time Machines

at 04:13pm May 25 2012

With the time travelling shenanigans of Men In Black 3 arriving in cinemas today, we look back at some classic former time travel devices

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BTTF packshot thumb

Back To The Future competition

at 05:00pm May 10 2012

Win! Five copies of the game and the trilogy on Blu-ray up for grabs

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dark knight potato_thumb

Toys And Tat Time Telescope

at 05:40pm February 8 2012

Super-power your egg and look like the future Marty McFly with our monthly pick of the coolest and quirkiest examples of forthcoming SF merch

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The Week In Sci-Fi

at 12:05pm January 23 2012

Here’s another several ways to enjoy the next seven days in a SF sty-lee

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