Marvel Announces Raft Of Superhero Movies

at 07:14pm October 28 2014

Anything DC can do…

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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

at 04:31pm April 23 2014

Star Trek, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Flash Gordon, The Goonies and much more in today’s news round-up

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Clark Gregg

SFX 240 PREVIEW Agent Coulson lives in Agents Of SHIELD

at 08:55am September 17 2013

In the latest SFX, producer Jeph Loeb and actor Clark Gregg talk about putting the fan-favourite agent at the centre of the new TV show

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Look Inside Comic Heroes Issue 20!

at 09:00am August 19 2013

Verily, Marvel’s Thunder God Thor takes a hammer to the new issue of SFX’s sister title dedicated to the comics scene…

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Joss Whedon On Avengers: Age Of Ultron

at 02:52pm July 22 2013

Video interview from Marvel clarifies a few questions that arose after the announcement of the film’s title at Comic-Con

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Avengers 2 Will Be Called Age Of Ultron

at 08:04am July 21 2013

Joss brings the Hall H house down again

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SFX Previews San Diego Comic Con: Video Blog

at 04:10pm July 12 2013

The SFX team discusses what they’re expecting from this year’s SDCC

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Comic Heroes Bookazine

Your Comic Heroes Bookazine on sale now

at 09:00am July 8 2013

Comic Heroes Presents: Superheroes! It’s an amazing 164-page celebration of the finest costumed do-gooders and you can see inside it here…

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SFX Competition Winner Meets The Men Behind Iron Man 3

at 05:23pm May 3 2013

Shane Black and Drew Pearce tell our winner about the hottest threequel of the year

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BLOG Interview: Kelly Sue DeConnick, The Power Behind The New Captain Marvel

at 03:03pm January 29 2013

Alasdair Stuart interviews the writer who’s given the former Ms Marvel an overhaul

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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

at 07:15am December 12 2012

Monsters University pics, The Walking Dead preview, singing Dwarves from The Hobbit, new boy for Arrow and more

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Spurious Awards Of The Week

at 03:38pm November 9 2012

Avengers hedgehogs, the ultimate cosplay costume, balloon-based Tolkien, some familiar chocolate and loads more stuff and nonsense

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Celebrity Sci-Fi Fave Raves

at 02:14pm November 7 2012

The best of SFX’s My Sci-Fi feature, in which celebrities not primarily known for sci-fi (though some dabble, obviously) reveal their favourite SF and fantasy faves

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BLOG The Avengers Blu-ray Debacle

at 03:00pm September 17 2012

SFX blogger Steven Ellis wonders why we’re getting such a raw deal with the Avengers Blu-ray in this country

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Avengers Assemble: Tom Hiddleston Interview

at 04:12pm September 10 2012

The man who plays big bad Loki reveals that he felt like the office junior while filming Avengers Assemble

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