American Horror Story: Asylum


Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 09:07am June 11 2013

Under The Dome, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who and more Tuesday news shorts

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Thursday Link-A-Mania

at 08:59am May 23 2013

The Walking Dead, Grimm rating success, Thor: The Dark World, Star Wars Episode VII an more news shorts

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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

at 07:59am January 30 2013

The Vampires Diaries, Sin City: A Dame To Die For, Community, American Horror Story: Asylum and more

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American Horror Story: Asylum 2.13 “Madness Ends” REVIEW

at 01:25pm January 29 2013

TV REVIEW Meanwhile, back in the present…

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American Horror Story: Asylum 2.12 “Continuum” REVIEW

at 10:50am January 22 2013

TV REVIEW Alma matters

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American Horror Story: Asylum 2.11 “Spilt Milk” REVIEW

at 02:27pm January 14 2013

TV REVIEW A lunatic escapes the asylum

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American Horror Story: Asylum 2.10 “The Name Game” REVIEW

at 12:00pm January 7 2013

TV REVIEW American Horror Story goes a little bit Glee

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Sci-Fi Quotes Of The Year 2012

at 10:19am December 29 2012

Real world quotations from sci-fi’s stars and creators, plus some of the best lines from movie and TV

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American Horror Story: Asylum 2.09 “The Coat Hanger” REVIEW

at 01:15pm December 17 2012

TV REVIEW A suitably grisly end to the year

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American Horror Story: Asylum 2.08 “Unholy Night” REVIEW

at 12:41pm December 10 2012

TV REVIEW ’Tis the season to be gory

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SFX TV Sci-Fi Championship League: Week 6

at 09:15am December 10 2012

The chart of this week’s UK TV telefantasy episodes, determined by you

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Ian McShane Is Santa Claus In American Horror Story: Asylum

at 04:22pm December 5 2012

Reading a headline like that… you know it’s not going to end well

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American Horror Story: Asylum 2.07 “Dark Cousin” REVIEW

at 06:28pm December 2 2012

TV REVIEW Death and the maiden

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SFX TV Sci-Fi Championship League Of The Week: 5

at 04:16pm December 2 2012

The chart of this week’s UK TV telefantasy episodes, determined by you

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American Horror Story: Asylum 2.06 “The Origins Of Monstrosity” REVIEW

at 10:56am November 26 2012

TV REVIEW Monsters seem less monstrous when you know their past

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