30 Days Of Night


Celebrity Sci-Fi Fave Raves

at 02:14pm November 7 2012

The best of SFX’s My Sci-Fi feature, in which celebrities not primarily known for sci-fi (though some dabble, obviously) reveal their favourite SF and fantasy faves

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Top 50 Vampires 2012

at 05:28pm January 23 2012

A lot has happened in the bloodsucker world since we ran our last Top 50 Vampires poll, so how has that affected the results?

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The Week In Sci-Fi thumbnail image

The Week In Sci-Fi

at 11:50am October 11 2010

The week in science fiction and fantasy, including the return of The Sarah Jane Adventures and Chuck…

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30 Days Of Night meets The X-Files thumbnail image

30 Days Of Night meets The X-Files

at 03:59pm July 14 2010

We quiz 30 Days Of Night creator Steve Niles about Mulder and Scully’s trip to Alaska in new crossover comic…

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Top 50 Vampires thumbnail image

Top 50 Vampires

at 09:43am June 5 2010

SFX has a Vampire Special out at the moment. And to celebrate here’s a reminder of the Top 50 Vampires as voted for by you in the previous vampire special…

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The Most Un-X-Pected Crossover Ever? thumbnail image

The Most Un-X-Pected Crossover Ever?

at 08:30am April 19 2010

The X-Files meets 30 Days Of Night. No, really… no gag! Honest

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