2001: A Space Odyssey


Share Your Opinions On 2001: A Space Odyssey

at 02:58pm December 18 2013

We want to hear (and print) what you think about Arthur C Clarke’s classic novel

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy’s Most Overrated Movies?

at 02:31pm January 7 2013

Readers of the LA Times voted The Avengers the most overrated film of 2012. But is there a case to be made that some other sci-fi and fantasy classics aren’t really that much cop either?

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Top 51 Sci-Fi Spaceships

at 02:51pm December 2 2012

As voted for by you!

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Iain M Banks’ Heroes And Inspirations

at 12:52pm July 24 2012

The author with the double-duty name tells Calum Waddell about the influences that encouraged him to pick up a pen…

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Puppet Masters

at 10:45am May 15 2012

A rough guide to the men in black controlling your lives who you don’t know are controlling your lives, by Jayne Nelson

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50 Greatest Sci-Fi Themes Ever thumbnail image

50 Greatest Sci-Fi Themes Ever

at 07:30pm July 21 2011

We asked you to vote for your favourite SF, fantasy and horror movie themes ever. Over 5,000 votes later, here are the results…

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Friday Link-A-Mania thumbnail image

Friday Link-A-Mania

at 09:01am December 17 2010

Summer Glau joins the circus; new Green Hornet pics; lost 2001 footage found…

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Band From Sci-Fi thumbnail image

Band From Sci-Fi

at 11:19am September 28 2010

What happens when science fiction TV, film and book titles form an unholy alliance with rock and pop stars?

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SFX 200 Poll Results thumbnail image

SFX 200 Poll Results

at 10:02am August 18 2010

The results of all those Top 200 Characters polls we’ve been running to celebrate the 200th issue of SFX, out next week

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Classic sci-fi at the BFI Southbank thumbnail image

Classic sci-fi at the BFI Southbank

at 11:32am June 20 2010

London’s British Film Institute lines up a summer programme of great genre movies and TV

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SFX Spurious Awards Of The Week 4 thumbnail image

SFX Spurious Awards Of The Week 4

at 02:07pm April 1 2010

Jared Padalecki’s bottom, Morena Baccarin’s metal tongue, X-rated mugs and a whole lot more…

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It’s Gone All 2001 thumbnail image

It’s Gone All 2001

at 10:13am March 26 2010

10 movies that tried to emulate the ground-breaking/baffling (delete according to art-house cinema threshold) climax to 2001: A Space Odyssey

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