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Old 01-02-2013, 10:42 AM
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Default Valentine's Day

Sooo...Anyone got any plans that they want to share? Other than staying in with a copy of Razzle and a card from your mum, obvs - I have that market cornered.

You married people don't need to bother - everyone knows that once you get hitched, you're not allowed to believe in the mushy crap that's totally a front for Hallmark to extort money out of romantic stalkers. At least that's what the girl I work with insists. Good job, her husband. I can imagine him in a Rhett Butler outfit doing a Johnny Morris voice and saying 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a monkey's.'

Anyway - romance - anyone on board?
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Old 01-02-2013, 11:30 AM
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Default Re: Valentine's Day

I am a romantic by nature, but a cynic by experience - not a good combination. I have no plans, or, indeed, a 'significant other' who would make such plans necessary.

I can pretty much guarantee that I'll get queries from hotels staging Valentine dinners to provide costumed characters to accentuate the romantic atmosphere of the evening. Never a good idea. The classic was two years back when I was asked to be Zorro (yes, I know), and woo ladies at a local five-star eaterie. I declined, pointing out to the 'imaginative' Events Manager who contacted me, that the very last thing a couple wanted on such an evening was a t***er in tights schmoozing around them, and that the most likely outcome would be Zorro getting punched in the gob. Also, I'm not exactly lithe and athletic...and I'm not sure if Baldy Fat Zorro would pose quite as dashing a figure as was imagined.
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Old 01-02-2013, 12:10 PM
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Default Re: Valentine's Day

Ergh, do people still celebrate this? It's become something of a punchline for me now, as I don't actually know anyone* who takes it remotely seriously, and I treat it with all the indifference of anyone without a significant other.

*Had to edit "a single person", as it made it look like I was singling** people out...

**Argh, I've done it again

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Old 01-02-2013, 01:19 PM
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Default Re: Valentine's Day

well although SWMBO doesn't go overboard about it she does like it (I put off a business trip to Moscow so I can be here for it) so I'll be doing something (not sure what TBH, maybe cook her a meal)

Wonderfully warped

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Old 01-02-2013, 02:26 PM
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Default Re: Valentine's Day

I like Valentines Day, though I've only enjoyed one with a significant other.

If I'm single on the 14th Feb, I usually grab a couple of other single friends and we all go to a movie and have a meal. I've actually been planning* this Single's Day for a few weeks. This year we're currently undecided between Warm Bodies and Django Unchained (provided this is still showing).

*I use this term loosely. I brought it up in terms of, 'so which movie do you wanna watch this year?'
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Old 01-02-2013, 04:56 PM
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Default Re: Valentine's Day

A couple of years ago, conversationally, my brother asked Mr M what we'd done for Valentine's Day. Mr M replied, nothing, because neither of us are in any way bothered about it. My brother said, "You know, if it were any other woman, I'd suspect she really did care, and was trying not to make a fuss, but secretly resentful. But I can totally believe [JJ] really means it."

And I do. Don't buy me over-priced, over-packaged chocolates. Don't buy me force-grown, imported, over-valued cut flowers. Don't buy me some shoddy teddy bear with a sickly message on it. Valentine's Day makes a lot of people feel bad. Some people feel pressured into making grand material gestures. Some feel underappreciated because their partner didn't make a grand material gesture. Other people feel miserable because it's a big, red, plastic, heart-covered reminder that they're not with someone, when they would really like to be.

Forget that. If Mr M gets up first of a morning, and brings me a freshly brewed coffee, when my rousing corpse is silently moaning for "caffeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeee"? That's way more meaningful to me.

But of course, if people enjoy it and they do special things with their partner that are meaningful to them, then more power to them. I'm glad it makes a lot of people happy too.

It's just not my bag. Or something.
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Default Re: Valentine's Day

I feel exactly the same as JJ.

I'm single right now, but on the occasions I have had a boyfriend at this time of year, I've told them I don't want them to do anything, and I genuinely meant it.

It doesn't mean anything to me, it all feels very fake, everything is extortionately expensive, and it makes a lot of people feel really depressed. And it's really not romantic. Romantic to me is getting me a cup of tea in the morning, or doing the housework to let me have a lazy day, or seeing something I might like and surprising me with it. It's not buying me some tacky piece of crap because otherwise you'll be in the doghouse.

I also remember one year getting three anonymous Valentine's gifts. That wasn't romantic either. It was dead creepy.

ETA: Forgot to actually answer the question! This year I am looking forward to it, as I'm hoping to have Day of Chaos to read. So I'm having a date with Judge Dredd
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Old 01-02-2013, 05:44 PM
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Default Re: Valentine's Day

it's the one day in the Year my wife and Myself don't tell each other " I love you". if you can't do it every day of the year, turning up with flowers and a resturant booking for one day hardly says undying love...We will probably lock ourselves in and watch horror or action movies.
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Old 03-02-2013, 12:28 AM
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Default Re: Valentine's Day

Originally Posted by johnone View Post
it's the one day in the Year my wife and Myself don't tell each other " I love you". if you can't do it every day of the year, turning up with flowers and a resturant booking for one day hardly says undying love...We will probably lock ourselves in and watch horror or action movies.
Yes, good idea. Valentine's Day for people in a loving relationship should be like Halloween in Buffy - the one day of the year the monsters take the night off.

Me, I usually go out and stab a tramp.

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Default Re: Valentine's Day

The wife enjoys Valentines Day,but it's no big deal for me.We've already bought each other our gifts,i got wifey the Benidorm box set with the promise of flowers and choccy on the day (shes a big softy and likes that) and she got me The Rock on Bluray and a pair of Marvel pj bottoms.Nice!

We will probably just curl up with a film or something.Whether or not we get peace from the kids is another matter.
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