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Default Promoting goods and services on the SFX forum

Starting advertising threads is frowned upon on the SFX forum, and not appreciated by our users.

If you wish to promote a small scale or non-profit venture on our forum, there are two dedicated threads for the purpose.

This one is designed for the authors/publishers of small press/self published books:

This one covers all other ventures – small press comics, websites, fan films, blog sites etc:

If you wish to start a separate thread, please contact our editorial assistant Jordan (jordan.farley@futurenet.com) explaining the nature of the product/event (this includes requests for film extras, etc). He will get back to you letting you know if you have our approval. As a general rule, we will approve non-profit making or charity ventures but not profit-making ones. To advertise a commercial venture in SFX, contact our advertising manager Adrian Hill at adrian.hill@futurenet.com

Any user who posts spam links to goods or products of no direct relevance to SFX readers (ie not science fiction, fantasy or horror-related goods or events), either in the body of a post or in their sig is liable to have all their posts deleted and receive an immediate, permanent ban.
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