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Default Battlefield 3

the old thread has karked it looks like

taken from the b3 blog

On June 7th, 2011 in News

BF3 classesWe’re just getting started with E3, and Battlefield 3 is one of the main events here — and of course, the main reason we’re here. We got some new Battlefield 3 information, this time, concerning the multiplayer classes. For Battlefield 3, the 4 classes have received somewhat of an overhaul. Here’s the breakdown of the new classes in Battlefield 3:

The Assault and Medic a classes have been combined now, where the Assault class can either chose to heal/revive teammates, or you can opt for a grenade launcher instead of the revive kit, if you want more firepower.

The Support class is now the one handing out ammunition, and can also provide covering fire. You can mount your LMG and if fire in the direction of the enemy, you’ll get special bonus points for providing covering fire for your teammates. You can also select an assault rifle with a flashlight for the dark parts of maps (like tunnels), instead of the LMG.

The Engineer retains much of his role and load-out from Bad Company 2, you’re equipped with rocket launchers against enemy armor, and a repair tool to fix friendly vehicles, and a sub machine gun.

The Sniper has the same role as in previous Battlefield games, and is armed with a sniper rifle, C4 explosives, and spotting gear.

We’ll have more details as we get some hand-on time with Battlefield 3 here at E3.

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