Endgame small

ENDGAME COMPETITION Win Tickets To Exclusive Event

at 03:09pm October 14 2014

See author James Frey talking at Google HQ

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Iron Man To Co-Star In Captain America 3?

at 11:20am October 14 2014

Robert Downey Jr reportedly in talks to join Chris Evans in Cap threequel

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Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1

The Walking Dead 5.01 “No Sanctuary”

at 10:00pm October 13 2014

TV REVIEW Someone’s making a killing in Terminus

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Mummy On The Orient Express

Doctor Who 8.08 “Mummy On The Orient Express” REVIEW

at 09:18pm October 11 2014

TV REVIEW Stalk Like An Egyptian

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Annabelle REVIEW

at 12:01pm October 10 2014

FILM REVIEW Creeping, stalking living doll

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edge of tomorrowdvd_SMALL

Edge Of Tomorrow REVIEW

at 12:00pm October 10 2014

DVD REVIEW Saving Private Dyin’

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Shivers REVIEW

at 12:00pm October 10 2014


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Filmed In Supermarionation REVIEW

at 12:00pm October 10 2014

FILM REVIEW Anything can happen in the next two hours

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Penny Dreadful Season One REVIEW

at 12:00pm October 10 2014

DVD REVIEW Walk On The Wilde Side

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Red Shift _small

Red Shift REVIEW

at 12:00pm October 10 2014

DVD REVIEW Running Up That Hill

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REMINDER: SFX.co.uk Is Moving To A New Home

at 06:00pm October 9 2014

Find all the sci-fi stuff you love at GamesRadar.com from mid-November

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Guardians Of The Galaxy small


at 02:50pm October 9 2014

Listen up Hollywood! This month we ask what you’d like to see when the Guardians Of The Galaxy return

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ghostbusters-logo small

Ghostbusters 3 Is A Reboot

at 12:01pm October 9 2014

Director Paul Feig confirms the sequel will tell a new origin story

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edge of tomorrow small

EXCLUSIVE Edge Of Tomorrow Behind-The-Scenes Clip

at 04:34pm October 8 2014

Building the futuristic weaponry that helps Tom Cruise kick alien ass

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Endgame Is Coming

at 11:42am October 8 2014

PROMOTION Solve the mystery at the heart of James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton’s new book trilogy and you could win a case full of gold

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