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Introducing new gaming site Kotaku UK!

at 02:41pm April 14 2014

SFX has a new sister website aimed at UK videogamers

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Two New Transformers Revealed

at 03:14pm March 14 2014

Say hello to Front-Line and Conduit, who’ll star in new MMO Transformers Universe

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New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

at 04:31pm March 4 2014

The follow-up to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City gets a teaser

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Transformers Universe Trailer Revealed

at 09:49am February 7 2014

See the first trailer from the massively online tactical action game that casts you as commander of a new squad of bots

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Honor Harrington Preparing For Multi-Platform Invasion

at 09:38am January 16 2014

David Weber space opera heroine set for a new life on multiple media – comics, the web, games, maybe even a feature film

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The Last Of Us thumb

Voting open for the Golden Joysticks 2013

at 02:50pm August 29 2013

Cast your votes now for the hottest sci-fi and fantasy games of the year

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Dead Rising 3: NSFW Trailer – Zombie-Death-Tastic

at 03:22pm August 19 2013

If you’re a fan of quality zombie kills, you’ll love this

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Hot Stories From Around The Future Entertainment Network

at 11:54am July 26 2013

The Future is here… Future Publishing, that is, as SFX raids our sister publications for the best tech, geek and gaming stories of the week

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Neil Gaiman Creates A New Video Game

at 08:11am July 26 2013

Welcome to Wayward Manor

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BLOG Start Victoriana Role-Playing For Free

at 09:51am July 22 2013

A starter version of a great RPG called Victoriana is now available for free, and Alasdair Stuart reckons you’d be a fool not to snap it up

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Firefly Online Game Announced

at 10:31am July 18 2013

Now you can misbehave in space too

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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 08:09am July 16 2013

Transformers 5, Army Of Darkness, Interstellar and more news shorts

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Da Vinci’s Demons Episode 8 “The Lovers” Preview

at 11:30am June 11 2013

Our video preview has a special guest appearance from series star Tom Riley this week!

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LEGO Marvel Superheroes: First Trailer

at 08:46am April 30 2013

Can you build a better team than the Avengers?

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Doctor Who Coming To PlayStation Home

at 03:22pm March 25 2013

Dress as the Doctor and take a tour round the TARDIS on your PS3

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