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New Clip From Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy

at 09:48am July 22 2014

Red band footage from Black Widow’s drugs mule-gets-superpowers actioner

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Disney Sets Dates For Five New Marvel Movies

at 07:20am July 20 2014

Days ahead of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Disney has revealed when new Marvel movies will hit up to 2019

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Free Tickets To A HERCULES Preview Screening!

at 12:45pm July 16 2014

It’s in cinemas on 25 July but you could see the new Dwayne Johnson movie early and for free with Paramount

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New Guardians Of The Galaxy Featurette

at 11:53am July 15 2014

Discover more about Chris Pratt’s character Star-Lord in this new video clip

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New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

at 11:23am July 8 2014

Another teaser for Marvel’s trip to outer space – you’ll believe a raccoon can last

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New Earth To Echo Trailer

at 07:02pm July 7 2014

Get behind Earth To Echo’s adventure, landing Friday 25 July: here’s a video in partnership with Find Any Film

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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 03:02pm June 24 2014

Another Purge: Anarchy trailer, one Hero down, Mr Freeze rebooted (possibly) and Daniel Radcliffe turning Sorting Hat in today’s news round-up

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New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

at 09:39am June 17 2014

More from Marvel’s outer space adventure…

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EXCLUSIVE Behind-The-Scenes On Oculus

at 10:06am June 6 2014

The cast of the Karen Gillan-starring scary mirror movie discuss their director, Mike Flanagan

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EXCLUSIVE Behind-The-Scenes RoboCop Clip

at 11:20am June 5 2014

Take a glimpse at how they redesigned Alex Murphy’s RoboCop armour

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EXCLUSIVE Edge Of Tomorrow TV Spot

at 12:58pm May 21 2014

Take a gander at the time-hopping Tom Cruise blockbuster

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Guardians Star Lord

New Trailer For Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

at 08:30pm May 19 2014

The second full-length trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow SMALL

Exo Suit Details Revealed In Three New Edge Of Tomorrow Featurettes

at 03:52pm May 19 2014

Watch three new Edge Of Tomorrow featurettes

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New Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

at 06:51pm May 16 2014

New trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstallar

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Grimlock small

Thursday Trail-A-Mania

at 12:53pm May 15 2014

There’s a quintet of trailers in today’s Link-A-Mania including The Flash and Transformers: Age Of Extinction

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