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Get Started Reading 2000 AD With This Week’s Jumping On Issue

at 05:35pm March 22 2014

Prog 1874 of the long-running British anthology comic is set to be the perfect starting point for new readers

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Scarlett Couture small

Scarlett Couture: Comic Book Teaser Trailer

at 04:39pm March 4 2014

Glamorous super-spy thrills

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Comic Review Issue 2 Available Now

at 11:13am February 8 2014

We have a weekly (yes, weekly) digital mag all about comics. This week, Paul Cornell’s Wolverine is on the cover

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The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Casting – Paul Bettany To Play The Vision

at 11:49am February 7 2014

The Synthezoid originally created by Ultron as a weapon to use against the Avengers will feature in the sequel

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Terminator: Enemy Of My Enemy Comic Preview

at 02:09pm January 29 2014

Seven pages of action from the Dark Horse comic

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Winter Soldier Directors to Return For Captain America 3, Says Variety

at 01:47pm January 29 2014

Russo Brothers won’t have to join the dole queue just yet

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Titan Wins Doctor Who Comics Licence

at 03:05pm January 21 2014

They’ll take over from IDW, telling Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor stories

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Honor Harrington Preparing For Multi-Platform Invasion

at 09:38am January 16 2014

David Weber space opera heroine set for a new life on multiple media – comics, the web, games, maybe even a feature film

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Marvel Comics Announces Original Sin

at 03:54pm January 8 2014

Who killed the Watcher? Marvel does a murder mystery

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Vertigo Artist Takes On Judge Dredd

at 09:53am January 8 2014

Scalped’s RM Guerra draws a one-shot that shows how age is catching up with the Judge

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Death Sentence #4 Preview

at 09:31am January 7 2014

The smash hit new superhero comic series from Titan with a deadly twist

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Drew Goddard Is Showrunner On Marvel/Netflix Daredevil Show

at 09:13am December 12 2013

Buffy and Cabin In The Woods writer to tackle the Man Without Fear

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X-Men: Apocalypse Movie Announced

at 01:50pm December 6 2013

Looks like Logan and co will be taking on uber-badass Apocalypse

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Tuesday Link-A-Mania

at 10:44am December 3 2013

Mark Millar’s new space-set comic, effects team confirmed for new series of Doctor Who, and a teaser for Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain, all in today’s action-packed trip around the sci-fi newsverse.

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Titan Comics 3-Day Sale

at 12:23pm November 22 2013

Celebrate the first wave of Titan Comics’ new titles with a three-day digital sale!

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