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Reminder: SFX’s Online News, Interviews And Features Are Moving

at 05:45pm October 24 2014

Find us on GamesRadar from next month

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Avengers Age Of Ultron small

Avengers: Age Of Ultron First Trailer

at 10:07am October 23 2014

Ultron wants to be a real boy in the haunting first trailer for Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel

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What We Do In The Shadows Trailer

at 12:26pm October 21 2014

A fly-on-the-wall documentary about vampires.

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First Jurassic World Poster

at 06:20am October 15 2014

The park is open! Colin Trevorrow tweets dark new poster

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FAB Gerry Anderson Infographic

at 05:18pm October 14 2014

See the strings that tied the Supermarionation shows together

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Iron Man To Co-Star In Captain America 3?

at 11:20am October 14 2014

Robert Downey Jr reportedly in talks to join Chris Evans in Cap threequel

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REMINDER: Is Moving To A New Home

at 06:00pm October 9 2014

Find all the sci-fi stuff you love at from mid-November

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ghostbusters-logo small

Ghostbusters 3 Is A Reboot

at 12:01pm October 9 2014

Director Paul Feig confirms the sequel will tell a new origin story

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edge of tomorrow small

EXCLUSIVE Edge Of Tomorrow Behind-The-Scenes Clip

at 04:34pm October 8 2014

Building the futuristic weaponry that helps Tom Cruise kick alien ass

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Endgame Is Coming

at 11:42am October 8 2014

PROMOTION Solve the mystery at the heart of James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton’s new book trilogy and you could win a case full of gold

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Twin Peaks: The SFX Verdict

at 10:00am October 7 2014

The SFX hive mind passes judgment on David Lynch’s return to a very weird American town

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Read Four Extracts From Marcus Sedgwick’s The Ghosts Of Heaven

at 09:54am October 3 2014

PROMOTION The book’s split into four quarters, which you can read in any order – and you can read an extract from each one

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Interstellar McConaughey small

Final Interstellar Trailer

at 10:10am October 2 2014

Your final glimpse at Christopher Nolan’s latest before blastoff this November

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! A New Direction For SFX And Total Film Online

at 02:16pm September 30 2014, and are teaming up for a super entertainment site

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Dracula Untold poster-small

Luke Evans Talks Dracula Untold

at 01:59pm September 30 2014

The Hobbit star on becoming the baddest vamp of all

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