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SFX 246 PREVIEW Stars Come Out For Dusk Till Dawn

at 09:45am March 4 2014

Don Johnson, Adrianne Palicki and Robert Patrick will appear in the TV series based on the 1996 vampire crime film

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CR5 cover 305 small

Comic Review #5 On Sale Now! Just 99p

at 05:05pm February 28 2014

We have come literally fantastic articles this week

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Comic Review #4 On Sale Just 99p

at 03:29pm February 21 2014

Terminator, Unity, Uncanny X-Men, Grindhouse, Batman ’66 and a whole load more

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Comic Review #3 Now On Sale – Just 99p

at 05:10pm February 14 2014

More weekly comic-y goodness for just 99p, or free if you subscribe to Comic Heroes

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SFX Issue 245 On Sale Now

at 09:00am February 5 2014

Avenger assemble! Captain America kicks off our brand new issue!

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Under The Skin: Scarlett Johansson Was Absolutely The Right Person To Play The Alien

at 06:17pm February 4 2014

NEW ISSUE PREVIEW Scarlett Johansson drives around Scotland in a white van, looking for people to eat. Seriously.

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Captain America: A Political Thriller With A Superhero

at 05:30pm February 4 2014

NEW ISSUE PREVIEW Cap ventures into All The President’s Men territory in Marvel’s latest

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Comic Review Is Here

at 05:16pm January 31 2014

The weekly digital-only comic magazine for juts 99p per issue of free when subscribe to the digital version of Comic Heroes

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JANUARY SALE! One day to go

at 11:39am January 30 2014

Massive discounts on SFX subscriptions throughout January – save up to 45% on the print edition. Ends tomorrow!

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The Complete Guide To RoboCop: On Sale Now

at 08:00am January 21 2014

The latest SFX Special Edition boasts 164 pages on the past, present and future of RoboCop, plus loads more besides

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Comic Heroes #22 On Sale Now

at 08:00am January 17 2014

The red, white and blue issue, boasting Captains America AND Britain, tons of super spies, a major interview with Bryan Hitch and all-new cover art created exclusively for Comic Heroes

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HOT TOPIC We Want Your Thoughts On The Future Of Women In Movies

at 11:55am January 15 2014

Will The Hunger Games change the way Hollywood works?

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SFX Issue 244 On Sale Now

at 09:00am January 8 2014

Explore the future of the Marvel universe in our latest issue – on sale now!

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The Walking Dead: “Humanity Lies In The Balance”

at 05:24pm January 7 2014

NEW ISSUE PREVIEW Show bosses explain what’s in store for Bob Stookey and a new character

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: “Rocket Raccoon Is The Heart Of The Movie”

at 04:52pm January 7 2014

NEW ISSUE PREVIEW Marvel bosses talk about their upcoming trip to space

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