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Guardians Of The Galaxy small


at 02:50pm October 9 2014

Listen up Hollywood! This month we ask what you’d like to see when the Guardians Of The Galaxy return

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Your Chance To Ask Neil Gaiman A Question

at 01:04pm August 18 2014

Hit us with your best Qs!

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HOT TOPIC We Want Your Thoughts On Edgar Wright’s Departure From Ant-Man

at 09:00am May 31 2014

Tell us what you think of the Shaun Of The Dead director and Marvel parting company on the diminutive superhero movie

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Coming Up In The SFX Book Club

at 08:30am March 24 2014

We discuss the SF classics every month in the magazine and here’s what’s coming up

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The SFX Forum Is Back

at 01:03pm December 19 2013

In case you missed the big news yesterday: the SFX community is once again ready to welcome you

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VOTE! Your Top 5 Superhero Movies Of All Time 2013 EDITION

at 10:00am August 21 2013

Will any of this year’s new batch break into the Top 10?

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We Need Your Questions For Stan “The Man” Lee

at 11:08am July 18 2013

SFX has an audience with the comics legend on Friday at Comic-Con, but the questions will come from you!

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HOT TOPIC: See Your Name In SFX!

at 09:40am March 20 2013

Give us your thoughts on the Kickstarter revolution – could it, or should it, shape the future of filmmaking

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VOTE: The Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Final Episodes Ever

at 01:11pm March 14 2013

Which shows do you think delivered the most awesome series finales?

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Star Trek’s Best Moments SFX NEEDS YOU!

at 04:58pm January 29 2013

We’ll be running a poll soon, and we want your nominations!

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Ask Mark Millar!

at 11:56am January 23 2013

Your chance to put questions to the comics king!

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BLASTERMIND Sci-Fi & Fantasy’s Greatest Pets – NOW WITH ANSWERS

at 08:40am January 21 2013

But can you name them all? NOW WITH ANSWERS

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Wizards Vs Aliens

SFX NEEDS YOU! Put Your Questions To The Stars Of Wizards Vs Aliens

at 09:15am December 31 2012

Got anything to ask Scott Haran and Percelle Ascott? Now’s the time to do it…

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BLASTERMIND Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

at 08:15am July 16 2012

This week’s Blastermind is a celebration of the work of Jim Henson’s creature makers – do you know your Skeksis from your Fraggles?

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POLL Who’s Your Dream Sci-Fi Holiday Companion?

at 01:46pm January 27 2012

We’re all off to Wales for the Weekender in a little over a week, but who would you want to take on a weekend break with you?

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