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Science fiction, fantasy and horror can create images that sear themselves into your memories. So lets’s celebrate the visual side of our favourite genres


The Art Of John Alvin

at 04:46pm August 11 2014

The wife of John Alvin, the artist behind some classic movie posters, talks through some of his art

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Peter Capaldi’s Scary Eyes

at 04:30pm December 23 2013

SFX readers have been helping us prove that pretty much any photo looks better once it’s been Capaldi-ised. Or should that be Capaldi Eyes-ed?

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Jason TL1 SMALL thumb

New Picture Of Jason From Atlantis

at 11:49am September 25 2013

A previously unseen grab of Jack Donnelly from episode one of the new BBC show

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Top 50 Doctor Who Audiobooks

at 03:51pm August 14 2013

You voted – here are the results!

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How To Make A Monster

at 05:14pm August 9 2013

Various ingenious ways movie and TV Doctor Frankensteins have brought their monsters to life…

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Image Of The Day: Madame le Dalek

at 10:43am August 7 2013

Doctor Oooh-la-la!

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Top 10 Sci-Fi Princes

at 04:48pm July 23 2013

And what they could teach the heir to the heir to the heir to the throne

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The 20 Bars You Must Visit For The Ultimate Sci-Fi Pub Crawl

at 05:25pm July 19 2013

With epic pub crawls back in fashion thanks to The World’s End, we’ve come up with the ultimate sci-fi and fantasy pub crawl…

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Crossing The Road SMALL thumb

PHOTOS San Diego Comic-Con First Day

at 01:27am July 19 2013

Just a few snaps to give you a taste of the Comic-Con experience…

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Doctor Who: Your Nightmare 12th Doctor

at 08:31pm July 13 2013

We asked you to vote for the people who you’d least like to see as the Twelfth Doctor. Here were the least popular…

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Top 16 Angelic-Faced Demon Children

at 02:30pm July 9 2013

The may look like butter wouldn’t melt, but they’d melt your eyeball given half a chance

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gallery

at 03:15pm July 5 2013

UPDATED WITH ALL THE LATEST PICS We’ve collected all of Marc Webb’s twitpics so you don’t have to!

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A Brief History Of The Cybermen

at 01:10pm May 9 2013

Get in the mood for the Neil Gaiman-written “Nightmare In Silver” this weekend

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Chris Beckett SMALL thumb

Arthur C Clarke Award photo gallery

at 10:30am May 4 2013

Pictures from the panel, award ceremony and drinks reception on Wednesday 1 May at the Royal Society in London!

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Doctor Who: A Brief History Of The TARDIS

at 11:38am April 24 2013

To get you in the mood for this weekend’s TARDIStasic episode, by Steve O’Brien

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